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Is social media fuelling risky cosmetic surgery and body dysmorphia?

It might just start with a filter, adding fake lashes to your selfie, or smoothing out the frown lines in some rosy, flattering light. But the life of a would-be influencer is not all that its airbrushed perfection would appear. (Subscribe:

As more and more young people turn to social media as a way of making money in an uncertain world, health experts have warned of a rise in body dysmorphia and cosmetic surgery, including some highly risky operations. And we should warn you: there are some highly graphic images in this report.

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    Short answer is yes

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    see a therapist, love.

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    Feel sorry for people who feel this pressure (we all do to some extent), but stop trying to be like f*cking worthless idiot celebrities and you’ll be a lot happier.

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    I hope that never at any point of her treatment process was on NHS.

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    you are ugly in and out, nothing to do about that honey.

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    A generation raised on the algorithm of Social Media, a generation that is so focused on the superficial that it has forsaken authenticity.

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    No brainer thats its a yes

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    Doesn’t Ch4 broadcast some of these crappy shows?

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    Building a case for Internet censorship.
    Utterly transparent.

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    If you are stupid enough to live by others then you just might deserve what destiny gives you

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    Hahaha she's an idiot. No sympathy

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    god sake…switch off then … boo fucking hoo

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    No you almost lost your life because of your insecurity .

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