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Is Indian space commerce ready for lift-off?- BBC News

It’s been 50 years since the human race first set foot on the Moon. And as the United States celebrates the historic Apollo 11 mission, India is hoping to achieve another space feat. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is attempting to soft-land a rover on the south pole of the Moon – something no other country has done before. The global commercial space industry is worth more than $300bn. India has developed a reputation for being a reliable launch pad for small satellites, but what more can India do to earn larger space revenues? And as India’s space sector slowly opens up to commercialisation, where do private space start-ups come in? Can India have its own version of SpaceX?

Presenter: Devina Gupta
Contributors: Rifath Shaarook, student scientist, chief technology officer, Space Kidz India; Dr Susmita Mohanty, entrepreneur and CEO, Earth2Orbit; Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, head of nuclear & space policy, Observer Research Foundation (ORF)

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    Nice.It helps me to practise my english-hearing skill.Thanks

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    Stay tuned for more child grooming scandal coverup by BBC <<< WESTMONSTER

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    Toilets and starvation and space are three different fields.Let them keep separate.

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    yeah India should give up our space agency and rockets, we should be like Britain paying billions each year to foreign space agencies to launch satellites. FACT: Indian Satellites save Indian farmers livelihood. Complain about corruption, caste system etc dont complain about the Indian space program which has done so much good.

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    Get the UK space ready before the Indians you BBC lot need to rethink priorities!

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    Ready for lift off?

    Hell no!

    Spicy enough for a downpour?


    – Truth

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    Space is scientifically impossible.
    No one's ever been to space or left low Earth orbit. NASA stupefied everyone with CGI and now ISRO is lying to us. The moon is a self luminating translucent disk ,not opaque spherical terrafirma reflecting sunlight as you've been told and shown in fake ISRO videos.The world you believe in is Photoshopped CGIs. ISRO has never provided a 24/7 Live view of the Earth. All the space agencies are controlled by NASA including ISRO. All space agencies are lying to us. ISRO teaching Pseudoscience. The abaurdity of the globe is believing that water's surface takes the shape of what is undornoath. Ever if oceans were forced to stick to the ball earth because of gravity, the water still remain leave, not curved!
    1969-Americunts went to the moon. 2019-Americunts can't enter space. Truth is only visible to those who are able to question everything that they have been taught to believe.
    Jago India Jago search for the truth

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    Good job India …keep moving forward♥

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    Maybe when they stop raping each other

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    UK is being taken over by Indians

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    Fun fact, BBC already has a channel for India

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    This news is fake ISRO is lying to us.A scientist named prof.R.Foster told that the moon was made of plasma,not rock, and that landing on it would not be possible. The moon is a plasma then all gravitational theories are out and a new concept of the cosmos and of its lows has to be evolved. The moon is a plasma no man will ever land on it.
    Jago India Jago search for the truth

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    No reports of any grooming gangs last one was Three Girls now on netflix.

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    Well done the beautiful Indian people, this could be a technological turning point for India's economy, spreading wealth across the continent. On the other hand, I'm not sure why the BBC licence fee budget is being spent on a 25 minute piece of non domestic issues??

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    Highly disappointed to find out the Indian railway is not in charge of the satellite program a free space tourism would be great just a few billionaires could ride on the outside of the spacecraft?

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    The last thing earth needs is a bunch of Indians defecating, urinating, and raping in space.

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    BBC is working diligently to indoctrinate uneducated and ignorant Indians with their half-truths, lies, propaganda and biased narrative, I can see that. Just wish they had worked as diligently in exposing the grooming gangs of the country, and covering the ongoing knife attack epidemic. But no, they won't. It will contradict their political ideology and go against political correctness. No wonder people don't believe BBC any more.

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