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Is Facebook deliberately causing harm to Americans?

A new study by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania finds that Facebook use can increase depression and loneliness; Tucker gets insight from Tom Kersting, author of ‘Disconnected: How to Reconnect Our Digitally Distracted Kids.’

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  1. Avatar

    All Jews are contrary to humanity and Facebook is owned by the Jews.

  2. Avatar

    Chuck Schumer’s daughter runs facebook

  3. Avatar

    Hope Facebook goes the way of MySpace.

  4. Avatar

    This is so important.
    I ❤️ Tucker Carlson

  5. Avatar

    pick up all 20 top rascal from facebook / google too and throw them in gitmo. shut down both media asap.. corrupt lier sucker zuker. start water boarding. there share should be twenty dollar value…yes this will happen in a year…

  6. Avatar

    I deleted Facebook a long time ago. No point to it since I'm not getting attention or getting any similar interest with anyone.

  7. Avatar

    I hate FB….never have had it or wanted the crap.

  8. Avatar

    I haven't been on FB in way over a year. I only have messenger for the video calling

  9. Avatar

    I quit FB about 6 years ago
    And don't miss it
    I call it fake book now

  10. Avatar

    This has been spoken about for about a decade and there are papers on this the more current discussion on our hyper-connected society is true how it is harming adults and children alike but to avoid 'filtered bubbles' in online communities which are tearing the fabric of our democracy. This is also evident in online gaming communities, forums etc. Technology is a tool but can be easily be abused and or manipulated.

  11. Avatar

    Fb has done alot of damage to the world mentally and to people's personalities. Almost every chick now thinks she's the hottest thing going around and guys have become the biggest pussies!

  12. Avatar

    Social media is the downfall of society it is a brainwashing Network Facebook is run by a socialist hypocrite who is against the wall which would guard the U.S/Mexico border but yet he bought up an entire Block and put up a gate all around it wake up America you've been asleep for far too long it is time for you to wake up!!!!!!

  13. Avatar

    Facebook Owner’s and employees are Dems.

  14. Avatar

    Yes, it kills objective thoughts by securing only friends that have subjective argument that the group has…

    It's not entirely their fault, they offer the drug and as consumers we use it…

  15. Avatar

    Yeah, yeah it is. Glad i never made a account, i knew it was shady from the beginning.

  16. Avatar

    Kids don't need smart phones in fifth grade.

  17. Avatar

    It's no longer 'cool' to be on facebook. It's cool to be FREE of this mind numbing BS

  18. Avatar

    Of course it is!! Look at the millions of idiots who post every little thing they do daily

  19. Avatar

    Yes… social media in general in destroying society

  20. Avatar

    So smoking is safer than fb? Is that correct?

  21. Avatar

    Yes. We ALL need to come together for a huge class action lawsuit.

  22. Avatar

    Facebook S**ks! No privacy! I have been of it for years!

  23. Avatar

    Better protect what is left of YouTube tho

  24. Avatar

    Got off Facebook due to constantly getting viruses and looking at my posts that were altered. This 2 years ago. Received message from fb 3 months ago they were canceling my account. What were they doing with my info for 2 years? Am even concerned about what the heck they’re doing with my data now!!!

  25. Avatar

    Facebook is just one of the Globalist mass media platforms. These are nothing more than a far left propaganda tool.

  26. Avatar

    Hell yes they are and if given the chance fuckerberg is gone permanently

  27. Avatar

    Mark Zuckerborg, C3PO of Facebook is not human.

  28. Avatar

    I actually deleted my FB account a couple weeks' ago simply because I don't want it anymore.
    It just doesn't do anything good or useful for me.
    And now all this depression stuff … wow!

  29. Avatar

    This was going well until f**ker brought Trump in the end. 🌚

  30. Avatar

    Мы ощутим все болезни социальных сетей только в будущем!
    Они только начинаются, уже есть, но это только начало, их усиление уже будет в ближайшем поколение, вплоть до "эпидемией самоубийств", притом в истории они уже бывали, а соц.сети с их распространением информации этому только будут благоволить и усиливать.

  31. Avatar

    Mark Zucc created 35 accounts to dislike this

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