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Ireland, Wales to re-enter lockdown as COVID-19 surges in Europe

Countries across Europe are taking emergency action to stop a surge in coronavirus infections.
Globally, there are now more than 40 million cases, and the World Health Organization is warning that colder weather will make the next few months more difficult in the Northern Hemisphere.

Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba reports.

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    Covid is a lie. Fear is the virus.

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    This government is a madman

  3. Avatar

    So this is, what Brexit looks like.

  4. Avatar

    I think we will get the technology to sort this within a year anyway.. but it occurs to me that technology has also made us so productive that we could easily add a two week holiday every two months to our lifestyle.. permanently.
    The only problem is that wages has not kept up with productivity, and for some reason we can't even have a discussion of why the only people that still make money during lockdowns are those who make money without really producing anything, just having massive amounts of money to begin with, ie banks and investors.

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    Another fake news. Plandemic bullshit.

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    The Republic of Ireland goes into partial lockdown this Wednesday night.

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    God why are 99 % of humans so fkG brain 🧠 DEAD

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    Covid is inconvenient to the non compromised. Listen up! I am Old and weak. I Do NOT want U 2 put your lives on hold! Sing loudly! Dance! Hug each other. Go to church! BREATH! Please please!

  10. Avatar

    This is how you change from a so called "democracy" into dictatorship. The propaganda will go on till we are used to total control.

  11. Avatar

    Freeze all politicians income while people are asked to stay at home. Politicians in power must practice what they preach, if they expect people to stay at home without an income they should do the same.

  12. Avatar

    WHO is against lockdowns

  13. Avatar

    pls no lock again for my country i hate this sh so much

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