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Iran troops rappel onto seized British-flagged oil tanker

Video released by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards shows speedboats pulling up alongside the seized British-flagged oil tanker. Troops wearing ski masks and carrying machine guns rappelled onto the Stena Impero’s deck from a helicopter. The ship, with its 23-strong crew, has been taken to Bandar Abbas, one of the country’s main military ports

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    Remember when the U.K. was a super power? Hope the refugees were worth your supply lines.

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    This will not stand should iran do anything crazy be prepare to face the full weight of combined nato and coalition military including nuclear strike

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    This is all instigated by donald trump. Trump or the CHUMP like i prefer to call him has created a disaster around the world. He keeps selling weapons to the terrorist regime in Saudi Arabia meanwhile he condemns Iran for defending its national interests. It will take the next democratic presidents 80 years to repair some of the damaged done by The Chump to our allies.He has basically weakened the United States by fundamentally changing or breaking every treaty that was signed by his predecessors. PUTIN must be proud, he managed to put a Russian spy in charge of running the USA.

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    Some people need put in there place

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    Haha that's the gayest and slowest rappel team I've ever seen. No wonder their country sucks.

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    Iran did what it should do, after UK stolen their ship in Gibraltar

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    I love my country iran 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

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    No doubt they rammed it with the fishing boat but who is surprised. I am surprised that it did not have an escort. Particularly by the Americans who are in the area.

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    An absolute embarrassment! You mean to tell me those tankers have no armed security personnel on board? They could have taken down that chopper with one .223

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    THe Persian Empire will rise again! Take the middle East like Darius.

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    Long Live IRAN 🇮🇷✌️😎👍

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    Hey President Trump…time to get those Bees buzzin!

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    It's happening! It's really happening this time!

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    I think Iranians are getting too smart Alec and should be brought back to reason but US should NOT do it alone!Maybe that's what Trump is waiting for…to have more countries to complain over harrassment by Iran!THEN it would be more credible!

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    British stolen our ship like some dogs to show Trump…we must do it…thanks Sepah of Iran💪💪

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    Iran did well!
    Time of old british empire piracy is over!
    Eye for eye!
    Tooth for tooth!

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    Sometimes Iraq the pool table, but not after Iran the pool table

  18. Avatar


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    Well if that's gen it was premeditated

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    Wow cinematic! Iran goes all out.

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    = Where's the army defending this ship's take over ???

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    it was a mistake of monumental proportions for the UK to seize an Iranian oil tanker in the Straits of Gibraltar on the instructions of the USA and/or the EU monster state. Now the UK has put itself in the cross hairs of Iran and it will cost UK taxpayers £billions to escort every British oil tanker through the Straits of Hormuz. The incompetents, Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt and their advisers, should be held to account.

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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Persian Edition.

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    Wait till the SAS comes in. Remember the iranian embassy siege?

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    Oi m8 you got a loicens for that?

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