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iPhone SE Review: The $399 iPhone Comes Back to Life | WSJ

The new iPhone SE may seem like a sad, recycled phone but it’s more than that. WSJ’s Joanna Stern (with the help of an animator) brought the budget phone to life to explain how its performance and camera tricks make it a worthy option—even compared to its expensive, bigger iPhone 11 siblings.

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  1. Avatar

    She is so creative

  2. Avatar

    Thought it would be cringy but it's so refreshing to see a review like this 👍👍

  3. Avatar

    I live around the corner. Not gonna mention what City. Pretty cool

  4. Avatar

    I would like to buy a phone from a company as interested in progress as S.J. was. You knew you had the best.

  5. Avatar

    I’m watching this on an iPhone SE

  6. Avatar

    I think Apple must have like trillion 5w plug when they first realized how successful iPhone was 1g so they r still using them in box. And they probably order like 1 trillion so they can squeeze every single profits out of manufacturers

  7. Avatar

    Good efforts on the video!

  8. Avatar

    Great little simple iPhone. I love my iPhone 8, so I won’t be updating yet but in the future yes. I like having the white front and white back combo.

  9. Avatar

    I bought one. I haven't had an Apple device in years because they are overpriced for what they are. I'm second guessing myself though on this because of that battery. It's awful at 1821mah, you can get Android devices with 5000mah at the same pricepoint!

    I'll give it a fair chance once it arrives and see how long it can make it through a day with me. At least I know I can sell it to some Apple fanboy at full price if I don't like it lol.

  10. Avatar
    Michael Malonjao

    Does it have a headphone jack?

  11. Avatar
    Steven Washington

    If you people are thinking folks will rush to buy an iPhone 7s rebadge @ $399, when Android is giving out phones with better specs for FREE!!!! (on prepaid carriers), then I have a bridge to sell you.

    ALL of the smart money right now is going in the sports card market. Forget stock, bonds, precious metals , crypto etc. Regardless of why it happening, IT'S HAPPENING! I've been a collector for a few years and didn't know what to expect with this latest economical downturn. I've thought that basketball cards would certainly go down with no season right, WRONG!! Look at Ebay and the countless other outlets, see what's going on for yourself and ask yourself if there is serious $$$ to be made in this Hobby. Take care folks. 😉

  12. Avatar

    Cutest review i've ever seen 😍😂

  13. Avatar

    Thank you for this, WSJ! 😂

  14. Avatar
    James R Warzyniak

    Frankein Phone is my word. You owe me money or Ill sue you.

  15. Avatar

    They were right. This lockdown does changes everything, especially art. But I never thought phone reviews will be effected too.

  16. Avatar

    Who would have thought the new iPhone SE would sound like David Brenner

  17. Avatar

    I miss you’re Blackberry vids ! Still holding on to my BB Classic

  18. Avatar

    Night mode?

  19. Avatar

    Great review 😂👍🏻

  20. Avatar

    Ha ha! Quite creative! 👍🏼

  21. Avatar
    Alfredo Rodriguez

    Refreshing to see a review like this. Creativity on point!

  22. Avatar

    Not sure why we keep calling them phones if the features valued (as described in the video) are playing video-games, video-streaming and taking photos. In the 4 min video there was nothing about phones lol

  23. Avatar

    Does it worth of money. 399$ for a LCD panel with 5W charger smartphone.

  24. Avatar
    George Anthony Watson

    That was amazing. Thank you.

  25. Avatar

    Joanna Stern never fails with her reviews!

  26. Avatar

    One of the amazing reviews and making he device speak is funniest ❤️

  27. Avatar

    Excellent review style!!!!!!!!


  28. Avatar

    India in price 499$ why

  29. Avatar

    That was one of the best reviews I have ever seen!

  30. Avatar

    yes, its good. but its not for you… that is.

  31. Avatar

    I think apple should use this review as advertisement and pay the reviewer big money for selling another million of their iphones.

  32. Avatar

    Great review

  33. Avatar
    1eyedmonkey Channel

    Great iPhone voice👍 Apple should make it as an option for siri's voice!

  34. Avatar

    Perfect for my dad. Plus it’ll last with the software updates.

  35. Avatar

    Great review, straight to the point

  36. Avatar

    Its like an iphone 8

  37. Avatar

    Should mention that the home button is actually neat cause Face ID is a struggle for some people who have masks

  38. Avatar

    these reviews got me 😍

  39. Avatar

    RIP i hope the SE fits in my pocket.

  40. Avatar

    I wish it was as small as the old SE, but this is still one of the smallest good modern phones now. The phone size is like a 5.7/.8 phone today in mm, but the 4.7'' display just makes it 1 hand user friendly and that is all i want

  41. Avatar

    Very unique and entertaining review, its hilarious🤣🤣

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