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Introducing ZenFone 6 brand new color – Matte Black | ASUS

Every detail in ZenFone 6 is designed to create a lasting impression. The iconic concentric-circle patterning perfectly complements the Matte Black finish, with an understated sheen that subtly reflects the ambient lighting. Take a closer look at this unique new design!

#ZenFone6 #DefyOrdinary #MatteBlack

Learn more about the extraordinary ZenFone 6 Matte Black:

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  1. Avatar

    Silver 6z is Just Heavenly Beautiful

  2. Avatar

    Why are you torturing us by not releasing that phone in the Philippines 😭

  3. Avatar

    Gorgeous!!! Beautiful commercial, the soundtrack, the dark atmosphere. Love ya, Asus. This smartphone is gorgeous, can't wait to get one JUST BECAUSE its IPS LCD display (OLED displays hurt my eyes-sight).

  4. Avatar

    still not available in my country. too late to be available in my country. now im not considering this device because we have another 2 months plus to enter the Snapdragon 865 era. SD855 will be outdated soon.

  5. Avatar

    Percuma kalau tidak masuk Indonesia. Hahahahaha

  6. Avatar

    it is okay ! but when are you releasing max pro m3 . I'm waiting for it since a looong time….I'm not buying any other one coz of it ;( and there's u guys, who are not even getting us a hint

  7. Avatar

    Any mid range smartphone is coming to launch by asus???
    Actually i wait for asus max pro m3. Plz reply asus .

  8. Avatar

    Since the Zenfone Selfie came out.
    Asus has been the best.
    Why haven't the consumers realized that.
    The next factor will be the interface and resolution.
    Then the screen size "reason for Apple's decline".
    Then the speaker power.
    Then the internal memory.
    Then the light weight advantage.
    Then uniform attire of POS.

  9. Avatar

    한국 출시좀 해주세요.

  10. Avatar

    Colour doesnt matter if its always out of stock in the UK

  11. Avatar

    Dari rilis awal ampe rilis new color, blom ada kepastian rilis di Indo. Keburu hype nya ilang

  12. Avatar

    Any plans on improving this series?like adding ang amoled version for those consumers who wants it?

  13. Avatar

    I really enjoy the zenfone 5z that i am using since 1 year !
    What i felt what asus should do to be the game changer in thier flagship world
    – provide better sound quality with more loud 🔊 speaker

    – ZEN UI is great , but sometimes it really piss me when suddenly the touch response is zero in thier app drawer (i have to restart ) to make it work

    – give more better cameras experience with increase in mega pixel and less processing !

    -software updates plays very major role so please provide fast and bug free experience

    -also increase the accessories market with your products

  14. Avatar

    ASUS: new color

    release sale in South East Asia [i mean thailand] XD)

  15. Avatar

    Zenfone 5z Pro lunch kyu nhi hua…????

  16. Avatar

    Since it was launched its marketing is not clear… Bored

  17. Avatar

    Yang nunggu Zenfone 6 Release di Indonesia Like ….
    pengen tau brapa orang yang udah nungguin..

  18. Avatar

    Badly wanted this matte black version of ZF6 but it was unavailaible back then and had to settle with glossy black.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    Zenfone 6 , available in Canada on November 5 2021 🤣

  21. Avatar

    can anyone with the zenfone 6 in the US let me know how common updates are?

  22. Avatar

    This is the ZenFone 6 edition 30 ?

  23. Avatar

    Please update this phone with OLED display and all will be well

  24. Avatar

    Call me bias as already a midnight black owner but I don't really see a matte color. Still looks glossy to me.

  25. Avatar

    Please give some stable updates for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2…still bugs are there…

  26. Avatar

    Why no Zenfone 6 and ROG Phones for Turkey and Indonesia? Do you have grudge against Muslims Asus?

  27. Avatar

    When it comes to the market, there will be so many other options to choose from. Asus only likes to introduce their products and then forgets to release them to the market. Lol

  28. Avatar

    yo asus u gotta actually let ppl buy your phones

  29. Avatar

    When you release it in philippines?

  30. Avatar

    Asus marketing division is so bad, launching new product but consumen can't buy because not available in store hahaha

  31. Avatar

    Why did you disable the camera 2 API of ASUS ZENFONE MAX PRO M2 after the pie update…????very much disappointed…

  32. Avatar

    Where is android 10 for max pro m1 and max pro m2

  33. Avatar

    when Asus smart phones have NFC and in display fingger print?

  34. Avatar

    Asus I would have prefer Red or some other unique color instead of usual black

  35. Avatar

    Can you plz put a link or something?

  36. Avatar

    Is the Zenfone 6 gonna be available in the Philippines?

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