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Introducing the New HUAWEI P30 Pro

The New #HUAWEIP30Pro is HERE in two stunning new colours: Misty Lavender and Mystic Blue.

Preloaded with our latest #Android10 #EMUI and ready to take your photos and videos to new heights with its signature 40 MP Super Sensing Leica Camera. Zoom past the competition with incredible 50x Super Zoom, capture both sides of the story with proprietary Dual View video, and shine bright with Super Night Selfie even in the trickiest light.

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    Iphone : 10x zoom
    Huawei : hold my p30 pro..

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    tell me why would I buy this when I have pixel 4xl with better cameras pure stock Android even the prices lies and 90hz display

  3. Avatar

    With android ten but no google apps 👍🏼

  4. Avatar

    Does anyone know when the official releases are for the new colors?

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    Im become so sad when i see that huawei is leaving android😭😢😔😞🙁😕i realy wanted to buy this phone. I need to move to google pixel or samsung

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    I just received my new Mystic Blue P30 pro and it came with EMUI 9.1.0 I thought I was getting android 10 but obviously not

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    Excellent effort and elaborated very well… Keep it up….

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    How good it looks like, but no Google so..it just like foods no salt !!

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    So I am going to have EMUI 9.1 feet above my knees to the Huawei and I have to go back and see how it works and how I can do it and how I 55

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    From this perspective the author of a book that EMUI 9.1 update notes of a new book of the 5book of hu which was released on Sunday by an independent of a young man who was in the same class of the first time in the past year of a new York times and the Huawei company of a company in the company said it is a Homogeneous company that 8
    the French government 5AM has been accused in the last 2week of 9the house and the government has 9th placed in your area and 999th place in the UK to help the country 5 per 5AM in your country will 6 try the same thing as 533e a

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    Note 10 was seriously built on the basis of this design. At first glance, I thought that it was a note 10.

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    Mobile Huawei 30Pro in Iraq does not have a watch or a wire charger or any gifts please solve the problems of your customers in Iraq

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    What is the name of this song??? 🤔 🤔 🤔

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