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International community urged to help Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Pakistan and the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, are holding a conference to highlight the challenges facing Afghan refugees.
It is estimated more than two million are sheltering in Pakistan, with some displaced since the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Ongoing violence makes returning home dangerous.
But a repatriation programme is set to resume next month.
Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reports from a refugee camp in the city of Peshawar.

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  1. Avatar

    I really, really hope the situation gets better..and there are steps taken for a lasting peace in Afghanistan…

  2. Avatar

    Bhai Pakistanis aur Afghans bas ek single baat batao aaplogo ne itne saal me as a country achieve hi kya kiya hai?

  3. Avatar

    As imran Khan said for generosity no need bank balance, despite of financial issues our hearts and arms are open for our brothers and sisters

  4. Avatar

    Saudi Arabian religion has destroyed peace and prosperity in South Asia.

  5. Avatar

    Please help Pakistan students stuck in wuhan! Why is Pakistan ignoring their own ppl? Shameful

  6. Avatar

    Agli bar main kuch comment hi nahi karunga aise videos pe idiots.Bye bye

  7. Avatar

    I want to help AFGHANS but I don't want any pimp like PAKistan..

  8. Avatar

    Send these namak haram afghanis back to afghanistan

  9. Avatar

    Afghans, my condolences from Turkey be strong

  10. Avatar

    Lol they live in their own country Their own home land you can't call them refugee.. Porkistan took the cities by force many yrs ago… peshawar khyber pakhtunkhwa and many others belongs to Afghanistan not porkistan they took it by force you can't say it belong to them.. That's like saying Jerusalem belongs to Israel.. Afghan lives in their home country nobody has to right to call them refugee..

  11. Avatar

    How about the US LEAVES AFGHANISTAN….. pays compensation and Afghans will happily go back to their country, building it back to a sustainable economical country without the help of the corrupt western leaders and their so called aid!

  12. Avatar

    World should admire Pakistan role in bringing in Peace In Afghanistan and hosting 4 million of Afghan refugees ……India don't want to see peace in Afghanistan like Puppet President Ashraf gani

  13. Avatar

    Afieya sadki freedom we want her freedom back from prison release her

  14. Avatar

    Afieya sadki freedom we want her freedom

  15. Avatar

    Pakistan made so much money for using Afghan refugees, and took billions from the US for helping them to topple the Taliban.
    Pakistani government is hypocrits. They don't care for Afghan suffering what they are care about how to make money on this ongoing war.

  16. Avatar

    Why can’t live become Pakistani citizens? Can we call Pakistan Ray Cyst because they won’t let them live there and pay their way?

  17. Avatar

    We pakistanis love our afghan muslim brothers! We know that India wants to divide us, use afghan soil against Pakistan and some innocent afghan people have been brainwashed but we are very hopeful for a peaceful and prosperous future for both Afghanistan and Pakistan!

  18. Avatar

    I see some indians and afghans getting too chummy with each other and hating Pakistan… why don't afghans go to India to work and why don't India allow afghans to work and live in their country??!! 😉 Then we will see how much indians tolerate afghans.

  19. Avatar

    Pakistan is a sponsor of terrorism and a failed state. It takes US aid and monies yet controls the Baddie TalibanMan duplicioutsely.

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