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Insistence on violence will marginalise perpetrators: Afghan FM

Historic talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in the Qatari capital might have stalled for days, but Mohammed Haneef Atmar, Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister, remains optimistic about their outcome.
“The reality now is that we have face-to-face direct negotiation, which shows welcome progress; yes, we have obstacles and that’s why we have this dialogue, to remove them,” Atmar told Al Jazeera on Monday.

Al Jazeera’s Osama bin Javaid reports from Doha.

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  1. Avatar

    Afghan Govt are servants to their US masters. PM is US stooge.

  2. Avatar

    Handover afganistans power to actual ruler taliban. Only by this peace will be possible in Afghanistan

  3. Avatar

    did the taliban already shot this guy in his leg or what? looks pretty bad for the american installed "afghan government"

  4. Avatar
    Mohammed Abdul Khader

    Kabul govt. is bluffing, they have no choice but to accede to all Taliban demands eventually. Otherwise Taliban will resume fighting and will take Kabul by force. America won't rescue Kabul govt. neither will India.

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    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Start with birth control.

  7. Avatar

    The biggest war criminal is ashraf ghani, a secret orthodox christian who continues to impose war on the afghan countryside due to his deep hatred of islam.

  8. Avatar
    Angelo B Koljenovic

    So far Politics in Afganistan is 00, and pepole ar dieng

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