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Inside Wuhan, China’s New Tourism Hot Spot | WSJ

Wuhan, the city at the center of the coronavirus pandemic, had the most tourists of any Chinese city during a public holiday in October. Wuhan is overcoming its pandemic past and benefiting from its hero-city status to become a top travel destination. Photo: Getty Images

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  1. Avatar

    Yes go around and spread another pandemic while we are still trapped in our homes for about 6 months…

  2. Avatar

    Atleast they are using face masks

  3. Avatar

    This is weirdo that Western media house propagating positive news on China.. Rare stuff.. If they not biased to any country and let the truth come out, m gonna subscribe it

  4. Avatar

    This is how you overcome the pandemic. Great going

  5. Avatar

    America took 3 months to get the KungFlu. But China.. They got it right off the bat.

  6. Avatar

    "The outbreak is in the past"????? I'm speechless

  7. Avatar

    One virus shows the power and efficiency of a government.

  8. Avatar

    At 1:10 you can see an illegal towel

  9. Avatar

    He says they are proud in Wuhan meanwhile millions of people around the world are suffering and dying, they should be proud.

  10. Avatar

    I didn’t see this kind of sweet reporting of WSJ for America.. are we that bad? 🙈🙈😂

  11. Avatar

    Glad they are doing just dandy

  12. Avatar

    Go watch WION!

  13. Avatar

    I can't believe my own eyes to see that something positive about China is coming out of a western media. What happened to WSJ? It's literally like the sun suddenly rising from the west in the morning.

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    Imagine having government that gives an unified message and policy.

  16. Avatar

    Thank u china for wonderful virus. U guys enjoy.

  17. Avatar

    Wuhan fought the virus hard, at one point government officials would knock on everyone’s door to test each and every citizen’s temperature. And they came back everyday for two weeks! People who had a favor were escorted to temporary Fangzhou hospitals where they have oxygen and ambulances on standby. The ambulances is so they can transport you to a real hospital in case your situation worsens. Such measures were controversial even in China, but now reflecting on the situation for rest of the world, most Chinese people think it was necessary.

  18. Avatar

    1:15 And the authorities moved quickly to lock the city down???
    WSJ’s pathetic amnesia!!!

    They tried to cover up the pestilence for one month and let the virus roam around the city. Lots of innocent people died due to their inaction and habitual suppression of flow of information, plus ever-increasing censorship and knocking a the door by the police.
    Don’t you remember that, WSJ?

  19. Avatar

    Happy to see Wuhan is running as normal as it used to be! such a dynamic and beautiful city. Nothing surprise actually, if all people cooperate, there will be always a silver lining in the cloud. Wish the whole world will be back to normal. stay safe and health.

  20. Avatar

    A video on China on Youtube from western media and one thing for sure is guaranteed: thousands of Chinese BOTs comments on behalf of CCP and China regime and China greatness.

  21. Avatar
    Vikash Singh Rajput

    China lied people died

  22. Avatar

    Yeah start a new pandemic in every Chinese city and make every city famous then thats what china is good at 😂😂😂#ccpvirus

  23. Avatar

    “Authorities moved swiftly to lock it down”….WHO IS REPORTING THIS CCP???!!!!! THEY WAITED WEEKS TO CLOSE WUHAN!!!!!!!!! WSJ TRAITORS

  24. Avatar

    Video filters are very effective. It's a perfect demonstration of how to vilify a place.

  25. Avatar

    Positive news about China from western media? Whats going on? Fake news

  26. Avatar

    It's always funny to see so many salty and ignorant comments, especially from the US and India.

  27. Avatar

    please keep your tourists in China we dont need new viruses

  28. Avatar

    This looks like CCP propaganda. So is the WSJ shilling for China now?

  29. Avatar

    US: coronavirus.
    China: what coronavirus?
    US: the Wuhan China coronavirus.
    China: what? China what? Speak up, I can't hear you? Window rolls up. Vroomm.
    US: you mother!@$!^!&!*$#$%,!&!?

  30. Avatar

    Now China is Manipulating the word, to replenish the Virus Generated city to most visited city on the world. What do you think, if you agree hit a like.

  31. Avatar

    It's not Corona Virus its "Wuhan Virus"

  32. Avatar

    Trumpets and snowflakes. Where u at trolls?

  33. Avatar


  34. Avatar

    We are never returning to the old normal

  35. Avatar

    Good to see that they are still wearing a mask.
    People here in the middle of pandemic are still not wearing mask.

  36. Avatar

    My hometown Wuhan! ❤️Hope the whole world will recover soon!

  37. Avatar

    One thing China is very good at is that mobilizing its people to fight for the common goal.

  38. Avatar

    All these western sour grapes in this comments section. 😂😂

  39. Avatar

    If you trust China's numbers, back in June, when Trump was boosting that US has tested 31 million people, China claim they have conducted 90 million tests.

    Since March, China has been testing every single airline passengers coming into China. Even now US isn't doing such things. I believe authoritarian regime has its benefits, controlling pandemic is one of them.

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