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Inside the UK's unknown arms trade

Sky News has uncovered images of Russian special forces using British-made sniper rifles in Ukraine.

The British government claims to have one of the most robust arms licensing systems in the world, but has admitted they have no idea how the weapons ended up in Russian hands.

Here we explain how we found this out – and why it matters.

The story is a joint investigation, led by Lighthouse Reports, with Bellingcat and the Guardian.

Here we explain how we found this out – and why it matters.

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  1. Avatar

    So what is wrong with Russia using our weapons? It just confirms that our weapons are the best.

  2. Avatar

    Didn’t Britain and the USA sell arms to the al-qaeda and taliban back in the 70s to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

  3. Avatar

    I'd be more concerned about hypersonic missiles and arctic states tbh

  4. Avatar

    made in great britain, cool

  5. Avatar

    The English bill of rights gives us the right to bare arms

  6. Avatar

    Accuracy international built the sniper rifle for the British Army, it's a great gun

  7. Avatar

    The great reset has begun….mass non compliance is the only weapon we have!!!

  8. Avatar

    Most likely acquired through dealers in Ukraine i think, then probably a design copy hence that sniper at the Kremlin

  9. Avatar

    This is really interesting

  10. Avatar

    Operation Fast and Furious…. UK style!

  11. Avatar

    Our country is run by an imbecile ?

  12. Avatar

    We have to sell/make something lol

  13. Avatar

    Lol arms sales
    And Sellafield
    Dsto Adelaide Edinburgh
    Uranium 238 ammunition

    And with accuracy the british government working with the Russian Government to help rid the world of america

    Lol The sport of Lords of course
    Excellent sport

  14. Avatar

    Watch the lord of war.

  15. Avatar
    Paul Havrylak Havrylak

    The tory government is in bed with the Russian government. The tory government has a large number of Russian donors

    Remember it was as tory government that illegal sold the super gun to Iraq in the 1980s

  16. Avatar

    Probably some very nice weapons in Shipping Containers in old Sheds to be used by Non Assimilating Migrants someday.

  17. Avatar

    UK citizens should be able to own weapons and keep them at home. Our fixation with controlling firearms is idiotic.

  18. Avatar

    The uk are guilty of supplying terrorists throughout the world with weapons and are therefore complicit in any domestic or international terrorism atrocities

  19. Avatar

    "In a joint 'investigation' [of social media?] with Bellingcat…" 😂 what a joke

  20. Avatar

    Shut the company down & arrest the owners. The company admits selling to Russia. It's all about shareholder profits.

  21. Avatar

    British loves to sell arms to dictatorship, like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar…

  22. Avatar

    Ahh, more cultural marxism.

    Nothing is unknown about it, we know we have an arms industry.

  23. Avatar

    this is easy to solve, let's sanction the British sniper rifle maker!!!

  24. Avatar

    Can I get one of those open licenses for the next time I go through Heathrow Duty Free please?

  25. Avatar

    AWM's are used by most military in the world they are simply the best sniper rifle out there. Everyone who knows about these guns has known this for years.

  26. Avatar

    Great rifles, a non story. Nothing to see here!

  27. Avatar

    that's prove that UK make good rifles. good for UK

  28. Avatar

    When did sky news get Sherlock Holmes working for them.

  29. Avatar

    Big deal! Grow up

  30. Avatar

    Disgusting, world leaders are full of crap. Normal people all over the globe, desire to be friendly with each other and our governments make a mockery of us

  31. Avatar

    The only way this could be happening is if we are selling our weapons to a certain country and then they are selling them onto Russia without us knowing.

  32. Avatar

    Sky Fake News – Weaponry Edition

  33. Avatar
    Repent Thou Self To Based God #RARE

    Well done BBC great investigative journalism

  34. Avatar
    Alex Leitch BSc Open

    One day,to protect life guns willl be made illegal in our universe

  35. Avatar

    How do we know that the video isn't the rifle being used for fieldsports?

  36. Avatar

    They could have bought them from a shop legally as a civilian and just taken it to work for the day

  37. Avatar

    Sky News doing everything it can to bring shame on the UK. Awful.

  38. Avatar

    Am I the only one who’s doesn’t care? Sky is being very naive (as usual)

  39. Avatar

    Nothing new here. They simply trying to hide this kind of knowledge amongst citizens and public.

  40. Avatar

    Sky news are detectives now

  41. Avatar

    British gun laws not working?! How could this have happened…

  42. Avatar

    I didn't know Tiger tanks are still been produced & exported.. Lol

  43. Avatar

    damn, merkel got competition

  44. Avatar

    US/UK/France reject whistleblowers who claimed the nations faked the Syrian-Gassing-Reports << And we are still bombing them
    1. original bellingcat report: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2020/01/15/the-opcw-douma-leaks-part-1-we-need-to-talk-about-alex/)
    2. supporting evidence: https://www.bellingcat.com/tag/opcw/
    3. How mainstream media covered it(BBC,ABC,France24, SkyNews,Aljazeera etc): https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=syria+gas+whistleblower
    4. "GrayZone: Ex-OPCW chief Jose Bustani reads Syria testimony that US, UK blocked at UN"

  45. Avatar

    Who cares? If they didn't get AI rifles, they'd just get something else.

    I guarantee the UK has some AK pattern rifles tucked away somewhere.

  46. Avatar

    Tobias Ellwood….Keeps cropping up on UK Column News for some strange reason.

  47. Avatar

    It easy the U.K. sell weapons to a nations and then that nations selling it on it easy to explain It sound like different arms firm is paying for this nonsenses

  48. Avatar

    literally yesterday a Romanian chap was giving out to his wife while waving a hand gun at her… in front of a creche

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