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Inside India's Crackdown on Kashmir | The Dispatch

A week after India stripped Kashmir of its autonomy and imposed a communications blackout, we spent Eid in Srinagar, where security forces are stopping people from moving and speaking freely.

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  1. Avatar

    Go ahead & do a documentary about detention camps of Ughairs in China obviously you won't cause china will make you pay for it

    Edit – you've got people down in the video saying they're ready to take ak47 in hands & still have the right to protest .If this doesn't tell you the tolerance of my country then I doubt what else will

  2. Avatar

    xD LUL Indian trash defending oppression

  3. Avatar

    Thank you New York times for shedding light on the atrocities being committed by the Indian government

  4. Avatar

    NYT is totally Biased. What about the kashmiri PANDIT(Brahmins) haa they have been SHOT to DEATH and Force to move out of their own land kashmir.But who cares right >>These Medias are all about showing U the one side of the coin & and not the other.

  5. Avatar

    Shame on BJP's India and the people who endorse the barbaric steps by Indian regime.

  6. Avatar

    Fu** Pakistan, Fu** NYT, Fu** BBC.

  7. Avatar

    Stop killing…
    innocent people of kashmirees

  8. Avatar

    Poor biased video which does not show both side of the story

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Dont even get me started on crimes done by U.S on muslims living there!

  11. Avatar

    Oh America! Make a documentary what you did with red Indians. You brutally wiped out them. I dare you to make a true report on them.

  12. Avatar

    Make report on what muslim jihadis did with kashmiri pundits who have been living there for thousands of years. Did you make any documentary on muslim brutality?

  13. Avatar

    Actually these Hindus hate Islam and Christianity. They consider English white man as their enemy bcoz they believed that white men deceived Hindus and then occupied our land in 1757….. They also hate Islam and consider them to be outsider….. America, the west and Pakistan shall be United to defeat rising economic power India…… Yesterday the US needed Pakistan to contain the soviets, today they need each other to contain the growing economic power-India…🇵🇰🇵🇰🇬🇧🇬🇧 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪

  14. Avatar

    PAKISTANI army doing same to it's own people

  15. Avatar

    what about real kashmiri people like kashmiri pandit and ladakhi people. Asusual ignorant video done by usual suspect nyt.

  16. Avatar

    Biased news channel against Hindus by Mullins and west liberals.

  17. Avatar

    see what happened after curfew ended:

  18. Avatar

    Dear Indians please be careful from these Muslims . Caging them will not help in the long run. They tend to blow themselves to go to so called heaven. So better send all of them to middle east

  19. Avatar

    What do you want? Azadi
    What is azadi? lā ilāha illā allāh

  20. Avatar

    Indians respond by diverting your attention to somewhere else rather than accepting their failure in kashmir.

  21. Avatar

    A despicable, dictatorial move by BJP as a means of pandering to hardline Hindu nationalists. Modi is ever more dangerous. The institutions of democracy are under attack.

  22. Avatar

    Hopefully Modi will allow the people of Kashmir to live their normal lives soon, this is no way to treat people, I thought India was a democracy

  23. Avatar

    God knows where is all human organisations. Perhaps they all with mooddiii lol
    But it’s not justice with a nation especially on there special religious festival
    😐justice for humanity 😡

  24. Avatar

    Those peoples who gave likes are Successfully Manipulated by NYT

  25. Avatar

    India is trying to become another Nazi state in Asia, RSS Modi's Hindu Nazis evil regime have taken full control over every civil, political, police,educational,legal,media and military institutions etc,I see no hope of any betterment,May God protect all innocent Muslims all over India and especially muslims living in Kashmir valley of possibly happening another biggest genocide by RSS Hindu Nazis terrorist regime.Modi's RSS cow lynching Hindu terrorist gangs are brutally killing Muslim for just eating beef, where on earth you find this nonsense terrorist only in India.

  26. Avatar

    Well done India salute to you u r fighting like tigers with these dangerous people of Kashmir

  27. Avatar

    The root cause of almost all major problems, including this one, leads us to always Greedy Brits.
    All those greedy thugs from that bloody shithole looted India & crawled back.
    That dying queen should return all the wealth before she faces the almighty . . . .

  28. Avatar

    There is total crack down, they have made it a prison. But still NYT managed to get the clips in Kashmir 😂😂… We are not that fool NYT. Better luck next time😘

  29. Avatar

    Indian put these muslims in check …they will destroy india …be smart like poland

  30. Avatar

    What's wrong on the video, second by second.
    1)t= 0:38 remark = say exactly not "by decades" for more than 70 years.

    2) t=0:41 remark= say exactly not "last week" it was 5 August.

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