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Inside England’s Covid hospital wards – struggling to cope with the winter wave

If the first wave took hospitals by surprise, there is an air of grim inevitability about the second. (Subscribe:

As Nottingham and Warrington are put under England’s highest tier 3 restrictions, doctors and healthcare workers across the north of England are struggling to cope with rising numbers of patients, many of them seriously ill.

Across the UK, there have been a further 20,890 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours. A further 102 deaths have been reported

That takes the total to 44,998. We have been to the Covid wards at Bradford’s Royal Infirmary, where this winter is becoming a battle of endurance versus fatigue.

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    Hollywood movie 🎥 hoax

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    right, all these Drs. in America & Berlin, Germany just came out in the last 2 weeks & said Pandemic gone. I hope all these liars repent of their sins before the Lords return. Crimes against Humanity have & are been committed. God have mercy on us all. Please stay close to the Lord, be ready for him & stay strong. Whatever happens resist the evil & don't take the vaccine.

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    Lockdown your city because of 106 people in hospital…
    NOT DEAD, just in hospital!!…

    Little know fact…
    The intensive care unit are always busy this time of year because its the start of flu season….

    But shhhhh the media don't want you to know this 😉

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    Magarte & Magarato

    Wow people don’t the medic and the hospital 🏥 , the five comments before me what a world 🌍? The nazi skinhead of trump and Boris are living on another planet and they can believe, what is next ? Civil war

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    We need liberty
    Not lockdowns!!

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    Sillyarse Deadeyes


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    Sillyarse Deadeyes

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    Oh dear C4. Even many of your loyal followers are waking up.

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    Love it. Suvven BoJo, getting his norven Mayflys ready for a good noncing.

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    More lockdowns

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    Only 39 people under 40 have died directly from Covid according to NHS England. Ch4 reporting is pure propaganda. NHS link below:
    (Tab 3)

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    How can a nurse get Covid ? Do the masks not work ?

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    Father please place your angels around all these special souls and protect them all, heal all these covid patients please… AMEN

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    Welcome Channel 4 news😜
    BTW Bradford is feeling great. Schools, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs all open.
    Business as usual😄

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    All Fucking lies and all a put on to scare us to keep us in doors

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    Helena Monique Clarke

    Stay strong, fight on.💯💗🇬🇧

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    Its complete bollox and everybody knows it now your lies and fear mongering won't work…..end lockdown or there is going to mass civil unrest……99% of people who get it survive it's not even close to being a pandemic it's a fucking cold.

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    نورا عادل

    This looks too staged

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    0:26 'Confirmed suspected .' 🤔

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    Why is reporter not using hand gloves, and how is she going to disinfect her not notebook?

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    STOP THE LIES ? Free yourself from this tyranny. We are not Nonessential and they’re not essentials. Wakeup sleep deprived , oxygen deprived, locked down dupes !

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    I’d like to ask channel 4 news to check a fact for me, 10.000 people die everyday in the uk around 600.000 a year non COVID-19 so is this correct and if not what is it because I’ve looked and every single place I look said the same thing. 78 die everyday in wales roughly 30.000 a year on a regular basis non covid 19, also most hospitals operate at 80% during this time of year all the time, I’m happy for someone to correct me !

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