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Inside Corning’s Gorilla Glass Factory

CNBC traveled to Harrodsburg, Kentucky to get a rare look inside Corning’s oldest glass factory where it makes Gorilla Glass for iPhones and a variety of other devices. The factory runs 24/7 and human hands never touch the glass — only air and robots. Take a look inside to see how it’s made.

In the middle of bluegrass and bourbon country in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, is Corning’s oldest glass factory. It was built in the 1950s to create lenses for glasses and then in the 1980s it transitioned into making LCD glass panels.

But about six months before the first iPhone was released in 2007, Steve Jobs made a call to the CEO of Corning and asked the company to create glass that could withstand scratches and breakage for a new Apple product. Before that, phones were typically covered in plastic. Corning quickly developed Gorilla Glass, and this factory went through a complete transformation.

The same company that developed the glass for the Edison bulb in 1879, is now making the glass that covers 6 billion smartphones, tablets, screens and wearables worldwide for Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei and a variety of other manufacturers.

Watch the video to get a rare look inside the factory to see how Gorilla Glass is made.
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Inside Corning’s Gorilla Glass Factory

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  2. Avatar

    More like Gorilla Ass… Still worthless, and breaks. Who do I sue for making it so slippery it falls out of your hand ??? You guys or Samsung ???

  3. Avatar

    What an annoying video… Watch how gorilla glass is made. But we wont tell you what its made of, how its done, what the oven looks like nothing. Just some chick talking about general stats…What a waste of time

  4. Avatar

    Steve Jobs- The inceptor of the decade

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    Gorilla glass is a big scam nowadays. Phone screens supposedly made of Gorilla glass scratch and shatter at the slightest excuse.

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    Well you could also not drop your phone

  7. Avatar

    Glass is glass and glass break's

  8. Avatar

    I'm watching this vid on my cracked phone screen gorilla glass 6.

  9. Avatar

    Apple is using Ion-X glass, not gorilla glass

  10. Avatar

    Asahi Glass Co. would like a tour of this facility. 😉

  11. Avatar

    There are smartphones w/o Gorilla glass and they seem to perform just the same. I have applied many dollar worth glass protectors from China and they are just as scratch resistance too. So my question is, "Are Gorilla glasses really superior or just a brand thing?"

  12. Avatar

    This kind of company destroys the planet and is obsessed with one thing. Profits. Typified by this idiot.

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    Even the modern gorilla glass cannot beat the nokia 3310 power

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    Are office high rise bldgs made of gorilla glass? it's always freaked me out how strong office bldg glass is. you can push yourself against it and you will just bounce off.

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    my minecraft mansion glass is stronger than this, it breaks the arrows from skeletons

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    I really should be sleeping…

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    The robot handle almost all the job.. I thought it was the gorilla..

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    You are not alone any more making such a type of glass. Huawei, for example, don't use Corning's glass, but the quality still the same.

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    Still waiting for transparent metals. The fact is everyones phone will eventually crack with current tech. Need to do better. Cars, planes, ships, homes, medical, military need this. Not just cell phones.

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    I am watching this on my Broken Gorilla Glass, Irony of that

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    Gorilla glass was originally invented in 1960 and sat on a shelf until it was found for use on the cell phone——-since then Gorilla Glass has gone through improvements to what today is known as Gorilla Glass 6. It is not just used for cell phone screens but also is being used for TV screens (Sony Bravia HX and NX), and other applications. It's also being used by Mopar on Jeep Wrangler. I do have one question though. Is Gorilla Glass used on the Gorilla displays at the Zoo ?

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    Re; the idea "Robots are Taking Over Our Jobs!!" concerns: In manufacturing sectors like this one, where human workforce (income/pay) is sacrificed to machines, would it be feasible to redistribute portions of the "human workers would-be-pay in different percentages toward the existing factory operators, designers, maintenance workers, vendors, suppliers, partners, delivery personnel, etc..?

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    It"s a joke that they call it gorilla glass, but after a few months the screen of the phones can be scratched from even the dust in your pocket. Probably they could do it better, but then all the companies who make glass protectors won't sell as many items. Making stuff weaker then they could is the philosophy of this decade, and this is pretty sad 🙁

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