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Inside Apple’s Rise to $2 Trillion | WSJ

Apple reached a staggering $2 trillion market valuation in August, despite years of doubt from critics over whether the tech giant could continue to succeed after the death of Steve Jobs. Here’s a look at Apple’s rise to the very top. Illustration: Jacob Reynolds/WSJ

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  1. Avatar

    0:31 I'm I the only one seeing two lions

  2. Avatar

    Never bought there products. To much tech on the market that works just as good or better for a third of the price.

  3. Avatar

    That report is Bull. Huawei is sooo ahead of the pack. If it weren't for the war Trump started I and many others would have a Huawei phone. In fact that is in line with most reviewers.
    So China – the only economy still growing is down – and thus consumers in China are not buying Apple's phones. Nice story. Zero reserarch. Totally unfounded conjecture. Take a look at the phones that were sold in China btw 2017-2021

  4. Avatar

    Thank your Central Bank, not Apple !

  5. Avatar
    Hugo Alejandro Banda Martinez

    A rotten apple!!!!

  6. Avatar

    This just goes on to prove that in the world today; greed, ruthlessness, callousness, and selfishness reward and reward greatly… So many examples for that from Trump to Apple. All those ethics talk is just that… talks!

  7. Avatar

    I doubt the actual market justifies this. This seems to just be a case overly optimistic investors rushing to the same place at once because there aren't that many options to choose from at the moment. The money will leave as investors rush to ride the rise of companies that will be picking up post-covid.

  8. Avatar

    2 trillion and still they pay no taxes

  9. Avatar

    More than trade war i think it is innovation which Apple has stopped to do much and every year they just do some tweaks and present a new phone.
    And also they are so stubborn.

  10. Avatar

    By selling data to the government

  11. Avatar

    via stock market manipulation facilitated by easy money from the fed. apple is worthless without steve jobs – it's products are 2x to 3x the price of chinese phones with half the functionality. in other words, garbage

  12. Avatar
    Financial Shinanigan

    Biggest regret is selling AAPL at $98 pre-4 to 1 split

  13. Avatar
    Lear King of Albion

    Two technologies. 4G and 5G. Steve Jobs made the initial decision to go ahead with iPhone 4G enabled. There’s more. Much more. That’s enough for now. Anyone ever hear of actual research these days?

  14. Avatar

    A sucker is born every minute

  15. Avatar

    It’s called the financialization of the economy.

  16. Avatar
    u n peace Dr Albert Einstein sze wei Tan陳士偉博士

    Value is relatively to what
    Does apple make medicine
    Value is ? I never use apple
    I use Microsoft
    Google topdoctor Yola
    Value is relatively subjective

    ICBC commercial bank of China is big
    Sinopec is big

  17. Avatar

    this ad by wsj also helps

  18. Avatar

    One of the most overvalued companies

  19. Avatar

    I’m going be the 69 comment 😂

  20. Avatar

    apple products are just a status quo. Nothing else and Nothing unique like the salesman steve Jobs marketed them as.

  21. Avatar

    I sold my $15k Apple shares in March 🙁

  22. Avatar

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  23. Avatar

    Apple employee:Has a Samsung note 20 ultra
    Tim Cook:🤨🤨

  24. Avatar

    So, the Apple doesn't fall far from the tax-avoiding tree huh

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