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Inside an ICU in England's hardest hit area

The city of Blackburn, UK, has the highest Covid-19 infection rate in England and staff at its main ICU have endured abuse and relentless pressure. CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports.

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    The Patriot Rocker

    All they had to do was give those patients hydroxychloroquine and no one would have died.

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    I hope their failure is of their own doing and not because they look to us to set an example.

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    One person at a time. That's what I've been doing with these comments, trying to reach out to people one at a time to make a difference. Am I succeeding? I'll never know. But if just one more person starts wearing a mask (and covering their nose or it is worthless), washing their hands a full 20 seconds and social distancing – I'll take it. Spread the word – kindness & compassion are the best antidotes to anger, pain and fear. Please be polite too. Stay safe out there everyone.

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    Is this a real ICU or nurse school footage with mannequins like last time…or how about a staged testing event like CBS got busted for ? lol

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    Amazing what bs this cnn it's feeding his viewers ……. living in UK for the last 5 years and I can tell you that this is proper BS

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    Nasty Pelosi was dancing in China town, and telling everyone to go there during the pandemic.

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    I need to also see and compare against an ICU in England where it's the lowest COVID-19 Infection rate in England. No wait, MSM won't show that…

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    Tony Bobulinski CNN. Tony

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    Tony Bobulinski….get to know him.

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    Meanwhile in America, domestic terrorist are rioting without wearing a mask during a pandemic.

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    And deh say is a hoax hmmm stiff necked

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    Jahhahah. Cnn fake news and enemy of the people lies to you again

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    India Alpha November

    Lived in Blackburn for a few years for College. Genuinely upset by this. Stay safe and stay strong Blackburn. Thinking of you all.

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    Joe Biden is not being honest.

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    Fake new cnn you just got exposed! A recent non partisan online research found that only around 8% of trumps media coverage is positive and the 92% I think is the negative media coverage against this president, a very LARGE part coming from you fake news cnn! Go check it out! And trump can’t be that bad, if he were with so much negative media coverage he wouldn’t have so much support! Every police association endorsement, thousands in every rally, at least more than sleepy joe who has very nice coverage with a bad record, massive trump caravans all around the country you can find on YouTube if they won’t hide it, in Miami where I was were a record estimate 75,000 cars without counting the people outside support, and with more Trump supporters in Biden’s own car distanced rally, doesn’t connect

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    People stubborn =foolish

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    Catania Momma Italia

    Its flu season people…you're being DUPED

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    So numbers are up in many countries not just the US. No one has a grip on it. When will China be held accountable?

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    Tony Bobulinski.

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    I'm in Cambridgeshire UK and I can tell you

    It's NOT TRUE 🚫🚫🚫

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    I live in England. I sometimes feel people over in America forget about us…. 🙁

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    First I heard. I’m there, stop exaggerating.

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    Hunter & Natalie Biden🤫

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    It’s coming, America. The third wave is coming. ONE THIRD OF THEIR PATIENTS! It’s getting MORE DEADLY! . . . Thanks Donny . . .SMH

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    yeah, keep creating fear

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    A terrible pandemic that you have to be tested for to know you have it otherwise you wouldn’t have ever known. If the media didn’t tell you how bad it was most people would never even know the scamdwmic existed. Fact. Scientific fact: covid doesn’t exist.
    C ertificate
    O f
    V accination
    D entification
    1 – A rtificial 1st letter of the alphabet
    9 – I ntelligence 9th letter of the alphabet
    Governments now saying we all need a digital code for travel, to save paperwork in all areas of life.
    How convenient a pandemic was that doesn’t exist.
    Wake up you stupid stupid people. This is only about control over everything you do. No cash, they can cut you off from society.

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    Many people saw this coming from a mile away. In actuality no country was ready for this level of pandemic, bevause maintaining this level of preperation is expensive. But Trump did nothing to try to mitigate it after it got worse. Sure he'll say that he shut down China, Biden didn't do anything. but thats like saying, "I wiped my ass eight months ago… I did good right?". Yeah, sure Mr. President, but what about right now? Why don't we hear about what you're going to do, rather than blame the media, bad mouth Biden, boast about how great he is, or making unsubstantiated claims about everything.That is all he does. Just try to sit down to independently research what is going on.

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    Universal Health Care👍 Patients nor their families will get crippling medical cost bills after treatment. Unlike the Ununited States😱

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    DEMOCRATS ARE CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEMOCRATS ARE CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEMOCRATS ARE CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEMOCRATS ARE CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEMOCRATS ARE CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEMOCRATS ARE CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEMOCRATS ARE CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Catania Momma Italia

    4th week of flu season and deaths are off the charts. Hospitals dont get paid to treat the flu…

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    Doesn't exist… yeah tell Gladys that.

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