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Inside Adobe's Colorful, Redesigned Headquarters | Open Office | WSJ

Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose might not be what you expect from the outside–shades of gray granite. Inside, however, Gensler redesigned the space to reflect Adobe’s colorful brand, complete with a floor dedicated to Photoshop. Photo: Adobe

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  1. Avatar

    What? Rachael Harris works at Adobe?

  2. Avatar

    glad to see my monthly payment going towards glowing orb pods rather than them updating their software that still feels like its from 1990

  3. Avatar

    Open offices are the work of the devil

  4. Avatar

    Looked like that guy you were interviewing needed to take advantage of the fitness center.

  5. Avatar

    Anyone need a Commodore 64 monitor? Still works.

  6. Avatar

    Adobe’s best move in recent years has been the switch to Creative Cloud. They’re getting $53/month for millions of licenses for their products.

    And I’m one of them.

  7. Avatar

    This is building is ugly from in and outside

  8. Avatar

    Adobe is such a greedy company, you can't own their software, forcing you to have an internet connection and to pay monthly. Good thing we have open source and alternatives.

  9. Avatar

    No wonder the Adobe Programs Suite cost arms & legs every month.

  10. Avatar

    The designer Natalie Engels' name should be Angles…

  11. Avatar

    How about Adobe invests in better American online tech support for their loyal subscribers rather than relying on overseas inferior customer support and labor.

  12. Avatar

    Those thieves living well , with no competition for some reason (maybe they do some evilthings?.)..milking from the users the money every month, for long years.

  13. Avatar

    Open office spaces are a drag for productivity. It’s super distracting, especially with all the foot traffic throughout the day and of course it’s true purpose is because it’s cheaper to throw up dry wall corridors than supply an actual office for employees. Stop with this innovation talk. Call it what it is. If open office space is so great than why do the higher ups get their own private office?

  14. Avatar

    Right after she said it won’t agitate you, that scene at 1:20 is quite agitating imo

  15. Avatar

    Sweet! I live and work in Munich abd we dont even have air system, only windows!!

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