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Inside a US air base attacked by Iranian missiles – BBC News

US air base Al Asad in Iraq was targeted by Iran in response to the death of Qasem Soleimani, the top Iranian military commander, who was killed in a US air strike.

BBC Persian correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard was allowed inside the high security base to see the damage and speak to soldiers who survived the attack.
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  1. Avatar

    USA seem being joker alway why not intercepted missile since it has a information about attack😂😂😂😂

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    Why dn't the American use Anti-missile ?

  3. Avatar

    So frankly speaking "Iranian fucked them"

  4. Avatar


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    I hate the war and it harmes and kills all us regardless of our ethnic.
    How nice speak the joung Soldier and they all are good and beautiful guys, but they are depolyed to not kill ISIS rather to expand american power on other arm nations. like Iraq.
    No war! love 4 all

  6. Avatar

    That’s why Trump wants those missiles to be part of the deal they are so deadly

  7. Avatar

    Wow I think there will be no war

  8. Avatar

    I'm from iraq and the current iraqi government doesn't represent us
    We love USA
    We want the USA to help us and protect us from the Iranian militias
    Our corrupt government which is placed by Iran voted for the left of the US
    But we iraqi people fed up with Iran and their militias
    Khamenei is just like Abo Baker Albaghday
    We fed up with his thoughts to to control the Middle East
    We want to live like other countries in the Middle East do
    Like the UAE and Saudi Arabia
    We want peace

  9. Avatar

    It's not usa fault it's all israel

  10. Avatar

    This is just the beginning USA Zionist 😈💩👹 government you don't belong in the middle East nobody wants you…… good job Iran long live……all the people who are against evil and the Zionist 😈👹 government are with you by Allah..

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    #🌏💡🇬🇧👑🇺🇸💕✊️👍✅👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! “ #🇬🇧👑PM| BBC Live | PM On US🇺🇸-Iran 🇮🇷 Tensions;” Let’t Dial This Down!” Urgent Questions On “ Troubled 😟 Airline Flybe.” Seems Now A Swift Urgency To “ Work For Engagement And Dialogues | Holy Grail!| Save And Secure More Lives!| PeaceInWorld!| PeopleOverPolitics!|~#🇬🇧👑NationalAnthem:{. RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!].

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    Soldiers are also human,govt. Must not trade their lives unnecessarily…..

  13. Avatar

    Why US didn't intercept the Iranian missiles.

  14. Avatar

    So here comes the propaganda. Just like the last one

  15. Avatar

    we need a global ''peace & justice'' at same time, peace is nothing without justice… war is not a joyful adventure, war is a tragedy !..

  16. Avatar

    Good job Iran. Keep it up. these evils should get this kind of treatment every time.
    UTSA-United Terrorist state of America burn into a hell fire.

  17. Avatar

    Sky news: Here are four doggy holes
    USA: Hold my bear

  18. Avatar

    Never forget the BBC lies regarding weapons of mass destruction. Zionist propaganda corporation.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    Couple hours advance warning? The troops started evacuating days before the strike! What the heck is this guys talking about?

  21. Avatar

    Pioner of war is "Trump". Pray for ukraine airways

  22. Avatar

    Really so cruel, but BBC, it would also be nice if you also show us the vedios and casualties about the US drone stoke in Iraq while killing the Iran general.. Both countries have made mistake and don’t forget about the casualties of war by shooting down the civilian flights…hope BBC is not a biased channel …

  23. Avatar

    I don't understand why BBC 'reporters' are not attacked and killed around the world
    The BBC is lying trash

  24. Avatar

    US wants to conquer the world tho, or control to the world, not everyone knows that -.-

  25. Avatar

    and a question; how American anti-missile system let the Iranian missiles hit the ground ?..

  26. Avatar

    Only those crazy people
    If they thinking ( no kills ) in this attack

  27. Avatar

    USA destroyed the world peace they are evils Nations. They are greedy about oil Resources.

  28. Avatar

    They are innocent people and with children on board the plane, this is how cruel, violent, brutal and merciless is islam is?

  29. Avatar

    Yeah but you people don't feel a bit of sympathy before bombing innocent children and adults in Afghanistan, Syria and Palestine.

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    Western Civilisation is destroying our planet. If we don't unite against these global terrorists, kidnappers, rapists, slaughterers, colonisers, deforesters, we will suffer, terribly.

    There is no greater threat to life on this Earth than Western civilisation.

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    Until all oil squeezed us wont leave iraq

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    Now imagine not having a warning! That’s how the US bomb entire towns and cities, no warning. Scared? Suck it up soldier.

  33. Avatar

    He said I come here because of ISIS lol if I was there I would tell him USA created ISIS and now u here to fight against ISIS ??

  34. Avatar

    They should be happy that the “Iran government” warned them before the attacked

  35. Avatar

    Iran became joker what's the point if all this

  36. Avatar

    Iran became joker what's the point if all this

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