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Ingraham: Agents of suffering

Evidence is mounting that Joe Biden’s party has adopted a by-any-means necessary approach to winning in November. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle

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  1. Avatar

    Amerians need to reclaim there time and tax money for the absence of the house refusing to assemble to do there jobs vote TRUMP2020 to save our beloved country

  2. Avatar

    Amazing to me that you idiots fall for this arrant propaganda. Check her facts and see for yourselves. What am I saying, of course you won't, facts are kryptonite to Fox News viewers.

  3. Avatar

    LMAO ….. FOX is struggling to normalize Trump's insanity.
    Billy Barr is destroying the Department of Justice.

  4. Avatar
    madelaine smithe

    There is a vaccine coming. Why die before. Here Is a post made recently on another station : "You must take a few good masks with you and make prudent use of them changing them in a timely manner. Storing in a sealed bag and washing in hot water before reusing. Do not be deceived by any symptoms of discomfort which will "tempt you to remove them" when in a dire situation ; These symptoms are always "caused by malicious spirits" who will "attempt to infect you by manipulating your emotions" ; as they "always know who is infected" and can use all sort of "wiles and trickery" to bring you into "contact." The President will NOT save you. You must be willing to change your personal paradigm to one of "survival or perish." You must assume personal self responsibility ; "no one is going to do it for you." Now you know."

  5. Avatar

    Correction: Democrats care very much about mail-in voting fraud – it improves their chances to win and it works like an insurance policy, as they'll be able to charge fraud against them if they don't win.

  6. Avatar

    Laura aren't you tired of making excuses for Trump? You are starting to sound like him….instead of making excuses about losing the election in November change your campaign strategy NOW and at least make things competitive…

  7. Avatar
    madelaine smithe

    William maurer
    Yes I and the whole world watch him being baited and Bullied in the house out – numbered by a gang of criminals masquerading as democratic expressions of humanity.

  8. Avatar

    Trump says Dr. Stella Immanuel is a “fearless warrior for the truth” and “very impressive,” so Ingraham if you want or need a big load of demon come shot down your throat, just contact Trump's favorite Covid-19 expert.

  9. Avatar

    Of course passions are inflamed, America is being torn apart by a number of simultaneous threats: the Covid pandemic and the Trump administration.
    What scares people is that it will take years and hundreds of thousands of deaths to get rid of the first problem, if the second isn't dealt with in November.

    A president that endorses a doctor who says that witches and demons cause diseases, but vilifies one of the world's top immunologists for political gain is not what America needs. Now or ever.

    And if Trump was such a fan of Herman Cain, why didn't he call up "Dr" Stella Immanuel and ask her to heal him immediately?

    Because both "Dr" Stella and Trump are both frauds.

  10. Avatar

    democrat freakshow..

  11. Avatar

    If the forgotten American doesn't vote in droves for every Republican , you will get the total destruction of your Constitution. The "power to the people" has never been truer than at this moment in history. Choose wisely America.

  12. Avatar

    Can't President Trump just void mail in ballots through Executive Order?

  13. Avatar

    Democrats got one last chance to try @win that's why they are trying to keep the $600 dollars,They no that they can get more votes if they give big money to the people,soon as democrats win they will cut the people off just like when they had both houses when the ball was in there courts,people got $25
    Dollars in the virus .and no stimulus

  14. Avatar

    These FCKNG DEMONRATS are like explosive Diarrhea you just want it to go AWAY

  15. Avatar

    It don't sound hyperbolic, it's facts the left is our enemy.

  16. Avatar

    BIDEN 2020

  17. Avatar

    Europe is not under control at all, most of Europe is going back into lockdown.

  18. Avatar

    bernie will be the VP, they will announe it weeks from the election

  19. Avatar
    Armenian Patriot

    If people knowingly vote these vile scumbags in, even after they’ve seen what they’re doing and saying in respect to the fake pandemic and riots which they call protests, they deserve all the pain and misery they’ll undoubtedly receive. Heed this warning, if the good decent people of America don’t start getting active and pushing back against this attack of evil, America will be killed. It’s up to us, I’m prepared at a moment’s notice to load up my guns and ammo and fight to protect America and the constitution. We are headed for a hot civil war, either way weather trump wins re-election or not just know the democrats are pot committed and will never stop this treasonous insurrection. Its up to us, to stop them.

  20. Avatar
    Connie Pritchard Reinhardt

    I am not a Democrat.. But i am scared about schools opening. I dont want to go to child funerals or teachers funerals. God help us all.

  21. Avatar
    The human shrug.

    I witnessed a black swan event last week. I saw a Biden yard sign.

  22. Avatar

    They call it a hearing, but don't want to hear anything. Lost my vote! TRUMP 2020.

  23. Avatar

    Come on we the people it's up to us ! VOTE RED !

  24. Avatar

    People pray for this to stop. Trump 2020 prayer is powerful. Derms are out of control. Get them out. We have mil in voteing in fl.

  25. Avatar

    I'm really scared if the Democrats win…… this country will be doomed.

  26. Avatar

    Violent unrest after the election , that's funny.

  27. Avatar

    Black Puerto Rican’s Voting For Trump Again !!!!!!!

  28. Avatar

    Trump publicly quit on his country two years ago, when he chose Vladimir Putin’s word over that of American intelligence officials, the infamous sellout in Helsinki. So it was no surprise when the two leaders spoke by phone this week that Trump did not even raise the question of Russians paying a bounty to have American soldiers killed in Afghanistan. That is dereliction of duty, son.

  29. Avatar

    Ingram is low key ugly

  30. Avatar

    Unfortunately a debate might actually help Biden, because when he curls up in a ball on the floor crying all the snowflakes will just call Trump a bully and give him pity votes.

  31. Avatar

    Because they are fraud

  32. Avatar
    madelaine smithe

    According to your equation American Intelligence officials = FBI + CIA = DNC

  33. Avatar

    I don't understand it Fox News claims to be not fake news yet you're not telling the mothers and fathers of America why their children aren't going back to school the reason is simple the teachers don't care because right now they're not just getting their contract money they're also getting money from the US government why would they want to go back to work when they can collect two checks

  34. Avatar
    Firstname Lastname

    The dumbocrats support the slave labor camps in China & $1 Billion transplant medical tourism industry in Wuhan hospitals created with harvested organs of "prisoners of conscious." Likely where the coronavirus came from too b/c hundreds of thousands of people fly into Wuhan to get organs, never knowing where they come from. CNN, crazy leftist media, Obama & Clinton administrations give that a pass. I don't support live organ harvesting or slave labor so I cannot support dumbocrats. This has been going on for decades.

  35. Avatar

    The real news:
    US GDP down 33%.
    Thank you Trump and Trump supporters.

  36. Avatar

    The people getting unemployment have been paying taxes for that. It's not like free money we haven't worked for and paid into for decades… Not going to change my career just because we had to shut down for a couple months. If you wanted the easy money all you had to do was quit working and sign up. Don't complain because you wanted to keep working. "IF YOU QUIT YOUR JOB BECAUSE OF COVID-19" was one of the questions to get the PUA. Sorry you "essential workers" kept working, but you didn't have to, you just thought you did.

  37. Avatar

    Yeah they went to Georgia. Bunch of BS

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