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Infectious disease expert explains what happens when a vaccine trial is paused

Plus, how to stay healthy going into the colder months and the holiday season.

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    Through the Looking glass

    Wonder what side effects caused the suspension of vaccine?

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    Vaccine trials undergo many different trials to answer numerous questions. For example, will the vaccine trigger an unexpected viral mutation that could make Covid far deadlier. Will the vaccine cause long term health effects similar or worse than Covid. Research with past vaccines validate such concerns. Yes, we need to get our lives back to some normality. Medical science proves this can be achieved if everyone will properly wear a mask. The US has the industrial capacity to provide a surplus of inexpensive N95 masks for everyone in the US. Yet, Trump and Republicans refuse. With N95 masks alone we could practically eradicate Covid-19. And the progress with filtration and virus killing technology, we could reopen our nation in a matter of weeks. Republican strategies of opening then closing when infections get out of hand then repeat is not a workable policy, it's a disaster.

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    Show recovery numbers *ucking liars.. What a joke. Fyi a lot of people have woken up already…

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