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Infected White House journalist: They're not taking it seriously

The New York Times White House correspondent Michael Shear tested positive for Covid-19. He says the White House has not reached out to him for contact tracing efforts.

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    This so-called president needs to get his toddler ass back in to bed so he can get well enough to weather his whoop-ass beating on November 3rd.

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    I have two words/name, Herman Cain; remember him?

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    YOUR mask (unless it is well fitted N95 one) does not protect YOU from viruses. Your mask may (or may not) protect SOMEONE ELSE from your viruses: 1. IF you are infected and with symptoms (asymptomatic infections are no more than 10%) and 2. IF in very close proximity in closed, non ventilated space (house room) and 3. IF you are sneezing/coughing/signing/talking very loudly and 4. IF you spend more than say, 30 minutes together. This has been scientifically documented. Ironically, the same experts mandating masks now, had advised AGAINST them in March when circumstances were very appropriate for wearing masks in the peak of the epidemic???? Why???? Perhaps because there was a severe shortage, caused by China, but no expert admitted it as a reason. Masks virtually do not protect in any other circumstances, except if someone ill is sneezing/coughing/signing/talking very loudly(!!!), say, in a grocery store very closely to packages and contaminating them, and if someone else touches them in the next 2-10 minutes!!! Just the reverse is true. Prolonged wearing of mask may harm your breathing (reduced oxygen levels), create favorable conditions of growth of bacteria and other pathogens (bad stuff) on the mask which you may inhale. Wearing mask also may make you less vigilant as it creates a false sense of safety. Wearing masks especially outside in the open is completely useless, if one could comprehend the text above. Plus, 90% of the infections take place thru touching infected surface, then touching your nose face etc. Plus, testing positive, especially now, may mean one simply have antibodies or T-cells, i.e. you have natural or acquired immunity (so called herd immunity) and you may not develop any symptoms or just mild ones and not become really ill. For that reason, despite the increased number of positive tests lately, there is virtually no proportionally increased number of hospitalizations nor deaths. Here check Canada for example, or NY below : Look at "Daily new cases" and Daily new deaths" graphs below, and you can click 7 day average below the graph to see better. This fact, imho, clearly indicates there is no "second wave" but proves herd immunity as was the case during the real wave in the spring when much fewer people had some natural (perhaps "leftover" from another viruses) immunity (let's not forget Wuhan, Hubei, China corona-virus genome is only 30% novel and 70% known).. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/canada/ https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/new-york/

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    Now the doctors are telling lies. CNN is the last People any one wants to talk to because they twist your words to fit their narrative and thats why many people in Washington DC just Ignore CNN.

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    this is insane. i dont understand why nobody sees this is all made up BS! who gets better with no symtoms in 2 days! anyone can pretend to breathe heavily. hes a tv actor people, wake up. also, the only other people who "contracted" covid happen to all be his cronies. its not even a good lie. wake up Americans!

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    The quickest way to completely obliterate TRUST . . . . . . is to change the last two letters to MP!

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    Trump is a inresponsive narcissistic idiot.

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    Make America NORMAL again!!!

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    Why don't you CNN Bozos cite how many deaths in NY and NJ were from poorly regulated senior-care facilities, and how many of those deaths are a direct result of Cuomo and Murphy's forcing those facilities to repatriate COVID-positive residents?

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    America Now Has "Covid In Chief"!😵

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    Viva mi Trump! Over coming, fake news media,fake Hellary, fake FBI crooket cops investigatio ,fake Sjock by Reporters. impeachments and a real World wide China virus pandemic.Trump is unbeatable. By the demoncraps.

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    More critic mor fske media crying. More whining too many feeling needing safe spaces, and asstro glide. Please stop the ehining CNN…

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    Brown man voting for Trump again, America libre Viva la constitution. Viva Trump!!!!

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    Any one read the book Left Behind? That book is surely Revelation!!!

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    If Democrats, the nutty left, or CNN really understood the freedoms America offer and how to protect those freedoms from foreign and domestic threats they would support Trump. Instead they choose to become domestic threats. Americans who support Trump are being extremely patient with those domestic threats to this country, but patience is wearing very thin.

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    trump is america's "village idiot." this idiot, who's responsible for the deaths of 200,000, who's violated the constitution and federal law continually over the last 5 years, who's been on a 45 year CRIME SPREE spreading misery everywhere he goes and destroying everything he touches but HE remains unaffected and wealthy – THIS CRIMINAL gets the best medical treatment in the country?

    there's something VERY wrong here. but what else is new? there's been something VERY wrong with trump for DECADES! and yet he's been given the ILLEGAL authority to turn our country into chaos. wow! AMERICA IS GREAT AGAIN! its a GREAT big cesspool, more than ever, thanks to this greedy, megalomaniacal, lying, life-long predator.

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    How did he catch it im sure he wears a mask at all times.

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    Be sure Trump is lying doesn't have Covid-19.

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    CNN is FAKE

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    Put the sob in jail. He is a threat to our country.

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    Welp, that just means that more of his dummy posse, after going to take this as COVID not being a big deal & definitely not wear masks!
    By all means, y'all do that & naturally thin out some of the stupidity from the herd!!! 😏

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    Yahsararel Ben Yoseph

    Looks like their new job is to be idiots oh, I'm not catching nothing for nobody on purpose

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    Even the lowest, most insignificant level of sincerity is and has long been challenged and strained: who "wants" to click 👍 for this? I'm writing but didn't click. There's such an abundance of this sort of situation today that simply questioning how we got here becomes unthinkable.

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