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Infected Trump re-shoots entrance into White House with camera crew

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reports that President Trump was seen reshooting his entrance into the White House without a mask after returning from Walter Reed medical center where he was treated for coronavirus. #CNN #News

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    What shock, that when Trump was discharged from the hospital after 3 days, the left called it fake, always got an excuse

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    This is only the tip of the iceberg, just wait and see.

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    That Rose Garden was 99.9% white.

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    It's 1918 all over again. We are far more knowledgeable, but a lot less smart.

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    Robert McPherson

    False and Misleading Caption.

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    A diverse crowd of old white people….

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    Great example from our government. bravo!

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    Douglas Albanese

    Such A huge Fake, they worship a fake.

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    VOTE VOTE VOTE for Biden
    American people you are getting scammed
    Lies and more Lies from Trump administration
    Biden Campaign manager should request for Trump to have him test apart, because at this point nothing coming out of the WH can be trusted, fact #1 The White House Medical Unit includes emergency medical and trauma capability. So This all this is nothing but another campaign strategy. Let's avoid taxes questions , racism claims . and let's claim a miraculously recover, where he will show in top shape in a couple weeks , just to prove to his followers and the world along their scientists, that there's no need for a vaccine to COVID-19. He will claim left and right that COVID-19 is no so lethal? He did the same when he was pushing the hydroxychloroquine. I'm sorry but we are dealing with the biggest LIAR who as we know is in serious debt and he needs to win the re-election in order to avoid the law, taxes, possible bankruptcy and everything that he fears the most. Please America VOTE you deserve better otherwise he will be pushing COVID-19 it's not lethal. The American people has being deceived by this man time and time again.
    Enough is Enough. I'm sorry Donnie but it's time to face the consequences of everything you have being able to avoid.

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    God bless our President!
    And one more thing for youtube.
    You can bann hundreds of thousands of patriotic comments.
    The final word of this "conversation " will be ours!
    Con.munist b@st@rds!

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    Well this is how infestation start with varmints.

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    Maybe they're vaccinated O.o

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    A narcissist, a sociopath. Clear as day what he is after this BS.

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    Because they are Republicans!

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    A super spreader event? Kind of like the violent riots you applauded?

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    Fogstow Jamison Press

    This video had nothing to do with the headline!

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    Republicans should be smarter and wear mask

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    Trump got Corona???

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    wow what a irresponsible president..

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    CNN is upset that Trump reshot a video? Wow, they must be pissed with Hollywood 😂😂😂

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