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Inequality and structural racism increased Covid death risk among ethnic minorities, report says

Almost 60,000 more deaths involving coronavirus could have occurred in England and Wales if white people faced the same risk as Black communities, according to research by two leading think tanks. (Subscribe:

This programme has had exclusive access to the report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and the Runnymede Trust.

It says the increased risk of death for people from minority ethnic groups is due to a variety of factors – from overcrowded housing and income inequality, caused by structural racism.

The report urges the government to take immediate action to better protect communities at risk.
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  1. Avatar

    This is hardly a scientific assessment!

    What a surprise. The report is written by a left wing think tank.

  2. Avatar

    Shame on your for promoting this pseudo-scientific race-hate propaganda.

    Humans are humans, melanin does not matter.

    All those who live in Western nations are equal and free by definition, some just cry and invent disadvantage for pitty.

    Ban Critical Theory, it is the poison killing Our Civilization.

  3. Avatar

    All lies. There is no such thing as "Structural racism" except in the minds of racists.

  4. Avatar

    Just more race-baiting the indigenous population again

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    The more people you have in one property the more at risk you are to Covid-19 and in relation to ethnic minorities they generally live with larger families or larger groups of friends…and in my opinion it has nothing to do with racism but more to do with cultural behavior

  7. Avatar
    Pangolin Steak & Bat Gravy

    So COVID19 is racist? Ohh OK.

  8. Avatar

    Whites are not to blame for hailstorms and earthquakes only.

  9. Avatar

    Disadvantaging peoples access to testing based on race is racist, disgusting and channel 4 should be ashamed

  10. Avatar

    Inbreeding! Just say no 🤚

  11. Avatar

    White people and Covid-19 are in cahoots to destroy all non-whites on this planet.. Who leaked the memo?

  12. Avatar

    Unbelievable, sickening and disgraceful truth.

  13. Avatar

    Everyone is bored of race. Why does the media push this so much?

  14. Avatar
    Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Trans Rabbit

    Ok, so what you're saying is there should be less ethnic minorities allowed to work as bus drivers? Perhaps the numbers of ethnic minority bus drivers need to be levelled out to properly represent the correct percentage of ethnic minorities across the UK as a whole (that's the comparative measure you are using). That would mean only 15% of London's bus drivers should be from ethnic minorities.

    That's as ridiculous as measuring the numbers of deaths in a part of the country with very few ethnic minorities. Comparing it to the overall ethnic makeup of the rest of the UK. Claiming that too many white people died. And then demanding that white people get priority access to PPE.

    That would be roundly condemned as racist. Because it is.

  15. Avatar

    You tried to flick me off your screen didn't you.

  16. Avatar

    It is unreasonable to expect different races of people to have the same immunological response to viruses or any disease. It's not racism, it's biology.

  17. Avatar

    More race-baiting bs from the Marxists at ch4

  18. Avatar

    So covid doest care about equality but it DOES care about minoritys and the colour of your skin??? 🤔 . Okay then 🙄

  19. Avatar

    Is anything not racist? Let’s start there, probably a shorter list.

  20. Avatar
    Michael Nathan-Pepple


  21. Avatar

    Comment instantly removed. Total censorship in the UK. Once home of free speech for Voltaire. So sad.

  22. Avatar
    Michael Nathan-Pepple

    Channel 4 I'm disappointed in this ridiculous piece of journalism

  23. Avatar

    Reality: poverty is related to intellect, intellect is dependent on race.
    Ch4: poverty is racist.

  24. Avatar

    👍 White Privilege is a Myth!!! 👍

    It's Okay To Be White!!! 😎

  25. Avatar

    this is not doing anybody any favours

  26. Avatar

    Ch4 have excreted another contemptible shitpiece…..

  27. Avatar

    Looking for racism were there isn't any, pathetic yet again C4.

  28. Avatar

    Channel4news won’t mention china’s racism towards Africans. Only whites can be racist. Marxist4.

  29. Avatar

    Would not importing the third-world reduce inequality?

  30. Avatar
    Yisrael Bronstein

    who cares lol

  31. Avatar
    dharmacharini pasadanandi

    Please look at John Campbell's channel, esp his posts on "Vitamin D, it's role in immunity, lots of evidence". There is a strong correlation with the demographics; vitamin D deficiency and deaths, according to skin colour. This is important because if it IS a link, there is vitamin D readily available, and it is cheap. Research it and see what you think….

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    Ethnic minorities tend to live in more densely populated areas like London where larger properties are more expensive, Britain's richest billionaires are from ethnic minorities, racism is always thrown up yet studies have shown Britain to be one of the least racist countries in the world

  34. Avatar

    Another race-baiting shitpiece from the Marxists at ch4

  35. Avatar

    Being BAME is like getting picked last for a team, cos nobody wanted you because of their biases, then they expect you to go through and win fir the same team🤔 Make it make sense,… all I hear is WE ARE NOT RACIST YAH BLACK …
    Insert- non white race here! BS

  36. Avatar

    Kashmiri Live Matters, KLM, KLM  ….  Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu &Kashmir.
    The Racist State India is endangering peace in Asian Region.

  37. Avatar

    Northern Europeans evolved white skin for a reason, perhaps warding of viruses is one of those reasons by allowing more vitamin D production due to the climate!

  38. Avatar

    Northern climes select for pale skin and this could be an example of natural selection in progress; fitness for environments!

  39. Avatar

    Lies. .. absolute lies

  40. Avatar
    Judge Orwell 1984

    Think Tanks nonsense based on the thoughts of biased idiots.

  41. Avatar

    B people should not be lumped with other races with different DNA. Recessive DNA is where all these deadly germs originate. Learn to stay away from the Recessive hosts and live deadly germ free.

  42. Avatar

    Just to correct what Mr. Patel says @ 0:45: Race IS defined by genes. He claims that race would be defined by society. Which is utter far-left ideology & obviously nonsense.

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