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Indigenous leaders say racism is rampant in Canadian health care

Warning: Disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.
The video that Joyce Echquan recorded in her final hours at a Quebec hospital is shocking, but not surprising for Indigenous people who have experienced racism in Canada’s health care system.

A second employee has been fired in connection with the video filmed by Echaquan at a hospital in Joliette, Que. As Heather Yourex-West explains, the growing evidence is strengthening calls for long-needed changes.

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  1. Avatar
    Patrick Debellefeuille

    These so called nurses should never see another hospital as a work place in their lives

  2. Avatar

    That word Racism is contagious.

  3. Avatar
    shadowbanned bycbcctv

    Globalist News shadow banning. $148K of stolen taxpayer money per week will have that effect.

  4. Avatar

    When the protests begin, the media will tell Canadians that the protestors are "far-right" racists. If you attend the protests in-person, you will realize that they are NOT racists. They are Canadians! Just like you. They want to de-humanize dissidents, and they are grooming you for that, so you see them as second-rate citizens. Just remember: you never faced racism in Canada your whole life. But the government suddenly WANTS it to exist. Because that can be used against us in the future. They are trying to DIVIDE Canadians. Do NOT FALL for it!

  5. Avatar

    Guess what hospitals treat everyone the same way , horrible

  6. Avatar

    But what if you believe drug addicts don't deserve anesthetics, regardless of their race? They said there was CLEAR RACIST REMARKS… why didn't they play any? LMFAO

  7. Avatar

    Losers on drugs and people whom are perpetually jobless shouldn't be permitted access to any public assistance.

  8. Avatar
    Milahan PhilosophersCorner


  9. Avatar
    Milahan PhilosophersCorner

    Breaks my heart.

  10. Avatar

    Racist this, racist that… It's getting old.

  11. Avatar

    I am inuit and I have PERSONALLY have not felt it. The conserverative proviences proclaim other wise. look at stats.

  12. Avatar

    Racism in the hospitals by nurses and doctors are real. Happens all the time. A aboriginal person doesn't go to thr hospital alone do to Racism. I dont go to the hospital unless I really really need to. I not an alcoholic and im not a drug addict. White people just don't like aboriginal people period. They think we get everything for free lol. I pay my taxes, paid for my college and I pay my own bills.

  13. Avatar
    Victoria Alvarez

    Bruh spare me. Ask the chiefs where your trillions are!

  14. Avatar

    Left: Race is just a human social construct. It's actually about cultures, race doesn't exist.

    Also left: Racist!

  15. Avatar

    Big time censorship on this one. So much for freedom of expression and the remainder of the charter of rights.

  16. Avatar

    USA has the best hospitals.. many Canadians
    ( despite having free healthcare ) come to American hospitals for top service. Nothing in life is free.

  17. Avatar

    Of course it is. I've had friends from many different cultures. They all have some racism against another in some form. It's the human ego and adoption of culture, religion, sex and difference that causes this. If we separate ourselves from our pragmatic idealism of self maybe then we could work together as a species of mammals. Cause in the end, that's what we are. Mammals with complicated brains.

  18. Avatar

    Yankees spreading their racism throughout the globe. BUILD your wall Yankee troll.

  19. Avatar
    Miss Madeline's adventures

    You have to be intelligent to be racist. This is common Canadian ignorance. Happens all the time.

  20. Avatar

    These health care are so wicked! If you get testing they will kill you! 💯
    Fake COVID 19

  21. Avatar

    They aren’t nice in the ER.

  22. Avatar

    Man… everyone is biased to their own background and upbringing. Prejudice is engraved in us all… racism will always exist.. especially during our private moments with the people that we consider as our friends, family, and own people. Don't change it.. hello elders of Quebec… you people discreminate people who doesn't talk French! I'm glad the new generation of Quebecas are more open-minded, subtle, and civil compared to gen X.

  23. Avatar

    Must be an election coming up

  24. Avatar

    Racism is rampant in Canada period. North america was taken by colonialists. It is a white supremacist country but not overtly today. The more it is exposed, the more it will change because the majority of people just want to live peacefully.

  25. Avatar

    I bet you are 🗑🤣🖕

  26. Avatar
    Rita Doucet - Canada

    I cried out in pain for 7 hrs in a hospital bed after major surgery, NOT one nurse came in to check on me, an intern came to see me at 7pm at night only then did I manage to find relief from pain. What can you do when family is not around to help.

  27. Avatar

    I’m aboriginal and have not yet experienced racism Were I live in Gatineau/Quebec, or maybe I had and never noticed, who knows. However, parents lives in a reserve in Maniwaki, and I can confirm that aboriginals avoid hospitals like the plague. My father almost died because he refused to go to the hospital.

  28. Avatar

    Sounds like intersectionalist identitarian neo-communist horse Schitt. :-/

  29. Avatar

    It’s awful how my people are treated. It’s disgusting. It’s not just hospitals either, it’s everywhere. It’s Canada’s shame and dirty secret.

  30. Avatar

    Is it true that an aboriginal can't marry outside their race otherwise they are exiled out of indigenous lands? Your entire NATION is based on racist principles!! Yes, racism is EVERYWHERE not just in hospitals but parks, schools, dentist offices, at your neighbours house!!

  31. Avatar
    TruthWillSetYouFree777 John 8:32

    The MEDIA is pushing racism on our society and it’s working. Stop ! They want us pitted against each other while they destroy our food supply and destroy our economy to usher in the new world government, new world cryptocurrency and new food system of all lab grown slop that they will sell as pandemic and environment friendly.

  32. Avatar

    Zero f's given. Natives are some of the most racist people on the planet. I'm not going to feel sorry for something people of the past did nor will I apologize for something I had no control over.

  33. Avatar

    Racism for our First Nations people is rampant in law enforcement, schools, employment, etc. If you don't see it, then spend some time with those communities.

  34. Avatar

    Yes Alberta is Racist too!

  35. Avatar

    Why do indians call me Honky. That's racist. Go back to your rez.

  36. Avatar

    One would have to be a NAZI to hate speech people as racists when one is living in the most tolerant, inclusive, accepting & progressive-liberal country on the planet. This isn't Saudi, Iran, Russia or China. No other country is as open minded as Canada is. God bless Canada.

  37. Avatar

    As if the Residencial schools were not bad enough. Now it's even the system, being a systemically discriminating

  38. Avatar

    Do liberals keep pulling out the race card if they are being treated unfairly? Maybe it's the hospital that is not good.

  39. Avatar

    How can anyone judge these healthcare workers till you live a day in these people shoes. Over worked and dealing with the same garbage day after day wasting countless hours on people that do nothing but abuse the system.

  40. Avatar

    Make there life hell.

  41. Avatar

    Canada is a totalitarian second word country now huh… a frozen banana republic. It took less than 40 years for the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms to become null and void by globalist progressive sellouts. What exactly does the CCP have over this country of pathetic men.

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