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Indian Island Hides Something You’re Not Supposed to See

In 2020, there are Islands on our planet that have not been touched by the hand of modern man. Nature in these places has remained unchanged for thousands of years. What if people lived on one of these Islands? They wouldn’t know about civilization’s progressive benefits or have seen a modern person. This island actually exists, and traveling to it is unlawful and involves many dangers.

North Sentinel island is located in India, in the Bay of Bengal. If you want to get there, you won’t succeed because any travel to this place is prohibited by law since the middle of the 20 century. The Indian coast guard prevents any attempts to get there. But the law is not the only thing that will stop you on the way. Sentinelese guards their island in a really aggressive way. Even when a helicopter flew to North Sentinel, the tribe threw spears and arrows at it.


Dangerous paradise 0:01
Snake Island 3:23
The Island of the Dolls 4:49
The most isolated place in the world 5:49
Pig Beach 7:26

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