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India citizenship law: Dalits fear 'discriminatory' legislation

Hundreds of thousands of people in India have been protesting against a new citizenship law, saying it discriminates against Muslims.
But many Dalits – those in the so-called lowest social group in the Hindu caste system – fear it will also make conditions worse for them.

Al Jazeera’s Anchal Vohra reports from Uttar Pradesh.

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    I got it now…Hindu's are like brown American Republicans…..Thanks Al Jeeezera!!

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    Everybody in India and subcontinent is identifiable by their ethnicity. Its ancient land.

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    CAA is blunder like demonetisation…

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    Al Jazeera promote religion of peace( isis)

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    They even racist toward their own Hindus

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    3%of uppercaste Hindus wants to control the rest by injustices, trynanny n wrongdoings!! Sad

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    Not upper caste… they are Indian Zionist known as Manuwaadies… which constitutes 3.5% population only

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    Dalits never learn….Remember Joginder Mondal who helped Jinnah in making Pakistan.
    This is divide&rule by jihad.
    Wakeup dalits bro

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    Jihadi al jazeera stop ur propaganda…dalits are Hindus and our brothers.
    Divide&rule politics will not work…

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