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Independents have turned Arizona purple, could they turn it blue in 2020? | ABC News

In this installment of the Six for the Win series, ABC’s Alex Presha speaks with independent voters in the battleground state of Arizona.

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    Don't send your vote via USPS, drop it personally at election precinct. demonc 🐀 RATs party will scam your vote. & I like reading the comments from haters. The more the hate, the more – more fours years of our beloved U. S. President. Vote Trump 2020. Viva Republican Party 2020.,

  2. Avatar

    Pence is such full of it!

  3. Avatar

    Dream on bitches

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    The GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln or Ike or Reagan or even Bush 1&2. T rump's GOP is now America's FASCIST political party. We, the People — Democrats AND real Republicans — need to rid us of T rump and let the GOP begin to heal.
    END FASCISM in the US. Vote T rump OUT: https://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/fasci14chars.html

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    Ask.com: Harris's father's book says his family owned 232 slaves & plantations. 1850 Allegheny Census lists Biden's Confederate soldier KKK great grand father owning 16 slaves some under aged girls. Obama's 4th and 5th great grandmothers each owned 2 slaves.

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    the Republicans are showing Pence for reelection now. It's hard to hear or look at Trump

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    When Democrats run your state for decades –
    California has lost 3.8 million jobs, 25% of it’s population lives in poverty.
    California has 12% of the US population and 34% of all welfare recipients.
    California has nearly half of America’s homeless population, 150,000, 10,000 are veterans. The middle class is gone, rich vs poor is all that remain. Socialism rules. Video – https://youtu.be/pfEzD1Tz9ag 🤓

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    Arizona will be Blue 2020 BIDEN-HARRIS 🙌🏼

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    Fake news AZ IS STRONGLY TRUMP COUNTRY RED AND THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW FACTS KNOW I'M SPEAKING FACTS THAT CAN BE BACKED UP BY DOCUMENTS nope the president will keep it strongly read people use your brains don't believe the fake news the majority these fake news outlets regardless what states are in even in Red State are all left-wing that's why 97% of them are that way because they're all pushing a narrative they didn't learn from their history and they're going to repeat it again that's why they're going to get destroyed in a landslide Arizona is strongly red just like you taught here where I'm at is also strongly red do not believe the nonsense

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    100% of trump voters are crooks. Infected crooks. Diseased crooks.

  11. Avatar

    Charlottsville should have been enough to see trump out and for Republicans to stand up and say hell No. Vote like polls don't matter since they really don't Votes count.

  12. Avatar

    I live in Arizona. I’m definitely not voting for Biden, he’s too old and a little too cognitively impaired, but I also don’t know if I’ll vote for Trump. I don’t like the way he handled Covid. I might just not vote for president at all.

  13. Avatar

    it's all the liberals moving out of CA

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    The Trump "adm" is doing everything they can do to block voting so I don't care if you have to crawl to the nearest poll VOTE…our country cannot sustain another 4 yrs of the hate, division, lies and disease that is now the GOP. Vote straight Blue

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    jessie christopher lapinid

    How is the economy very stable when the US is literally in recession

  16. Avatar

    😆😂😆😂😂😆😁😝🤪 , I have to see it to believe it! 🤔🤔🤔🤔✅🧐🧐🤬

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    👏🏻‼️Save America from 4 more years plus some who knows how many of recovery from Lies and Selfish Greed, Just Do It! We Deserve Better! It’s not right to allow a Man to divide people like he’s a God. How sickening is that? He’s a Man Not A God! Stop Feeding the Hate! Vote for Change! Please🙏🏻🍀🇺🇸

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    The economy stayed stable because of the only ones the virus hasn’t affected Not Because of the Man DJT. He’s given to much credit! We aren’t supposed to worship the flesh or any Man. Make it Go Away! It’s gone way to far. I worship No Man!

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    Joe Biden is a Trojan Horse for the Radical Left and the Communist china https://youtu.be/ez0TBpf2r4s

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    Why can't people see all these catastrophes coming at once has to mean something huge is happening. Jesus is coming back soon!

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    Jagdeshwar Prasad

    Trump. November 2020 4 more years leftist never believe in polls

  22. Avatar

    None of these people are independents. Misleading title.

  23. Avatar

    Arizona is for Jo Jorgensen

  24. Avatar


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    If Biden win, USA will lose freedom as the same as China.No freedom in China.Trump for USA future ,but Biden for China future.Trump for people freedom,Biden for control people. Vote for Trump 2020 in person.

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    Biden and Harris are liers,racists and Communist

  27. Avatar

    I vote for biden 2020

  28. Avatar

    New poll shows Hillary is a lock.

  29. Avatar

    No one showed up to Biden harris event in Arizona. 😆 and u think it's turning blue? 😆 😆 😆 😆

  30. Avatar

    Notice how Biden pointed out the needs of Arizona and pence pointed out 4 more years for trump. And I'm only 28 seconds into this video. Pence made me throwup in my mouth. Can't wait to hear the rest.

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    Why Obamacare(Affordable Care Act) Doesn't Work As Promised

  32. Avatar

    Vote Arizona!💙💙🇺🇸💙💙America needs to be brought together to heal.

  33. Avatar

    Bruh I see WAYYY more Trump fans in Arizona than I see Biden. So in my opinion, this is a red state not a blue state. Polls don’t matter,

  34. Avatar

    That is not just independents.
    That is Republicans not wanting to vote for Donald Trump

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    Denver Leftist shooter Who SHOT Trump Supporter WAS NOT A Security Guard, New Report Reveals He Was ILLEGALLY Hired

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    Please be aware there is NO viral CONTAGION. 💛 Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways To Treat Viruses

    Why are our elected representatives lying to their electorate ?
    Why are our elected representatives wasting huge amounts of the taxes they stole (protection money without the protection) from their electorate, to fund countless futile corona virus social distancing measures to no effect ? It's a bloody good job you can't catch a virus.
    Why are some of our elected representatives allegedly complicit in the torture, murder and consumption of their electorate's minors?
    Germ theory was maliciously formulated, for personal financial gain, as a instrument of population control.
    Germ theory's a lie. There is no contagious ''virus''.
    RN Kate Shemirani & Dr. Andrew Kaufman


    EXPOSED!! Agenda 21 is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of The World Population By 2030.

    Welcome to the fabulous World of Radiation Pneumonitis.
    BIG PHARMA's a con, feeding you snake oil pills, causing further cellular DIS-EASE, thus ensuring your return custom.



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    Manjur Hasan Chisti

    Please vote Biden and reclaim your loving country America. World need the leadership of America as well.

    Go for early vote please.

  38. Avatar

    Arizona voter here and never voted in my 43 years…but never seen America so divided and all because of Trump!! So this year I will be exercising my right to vote Biden.

  39. Avatar

    Too bad half the country don't understand about policies.Biden policies: Green new deal will hurt the fracking sector. Higher taxes will hurt businesses, More job cuts. Corporate businesses will move out of the country. Affordable healthcare increases your premium, limits your choice in physicians, increase rates for private companies. DeFunding the police will increase crime and violence. SUPPORT THE COPS. TRUMP 2020!!!

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    Grown man with a ponytail. Disgust.

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    Determined To Rise!

    The secret formula for POSITIVISM is love as a principal, order as a foundation and progress as a goal!
    And love is what this world needs so STAY POSITIVE! We will overcome these times!!! 💞

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