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Incredible House Inventions You Should Have



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  1. Avatar

    More than one interesting product in it. Dr; Save, Nimble, Unobrush, TRT Pillow and Bristly. None of them is indispensable but can add serious value for people interested.

  2. Avatar

    I just skipped an ad to watch more ads

  3. Avatar

    3:44 and 3:47.
    There's no way a special toothbrush can clean all of your teeth for you, without you even doing anything, in only six seconds. That just seems really unbelievable.

  4. Avatar

    I don’t believe that giant bar of soap that goes in your mouth

  5. Avatar

    Videos pretty much telling us all to stop being poor

  6. Avatar

    Unobrush for lazy people😂😂

  7. Avatar

    But that honeycomb light thing tho

  8. Avatar

    Those chairs in the beginning are badass

  9. Avatar

    1:43 what does opening jam have to do with this

  10. Avatar

    At the 2nd to last one how does the camera not get foggy because of the hotness

  11. Avatar

    Omg…that shower costs £12,000 !?!!!!

  12. Avatar


    I have and itch, wait a sec…

  13. Avatar

    Wow it’s shit that already exists but more useless and expensive!

  14. Avatar

    for a second there i thought i was watching a landfill commercial, then i figured out it was an ad for a garbage dump. shit you buy use one then throw away, or forget you even own.

  15. Avatar

    Incredible House Inventions I Can’t Afford

  16. Avatar

    Money, money, money, money…
    Money ain't the motive.
    Whats your name again?
    Nobody notice.
    Don't speak to me niggy, u not important.

  17. Avatar

    i would just bend down to my tap to get that kinda shower

  18. Avatar

    Nothing like replacing hundreds of batteries…. 03:02 ….no thanks…

  19. Avatar

    The first one is a good idea but then you’ll have to iron your clothes because of how wrinkled it will be

  20. Avatar

    اكو عرب بطيارة لايك حمبي

  21. Avatar

    Trtl pillow can just help fake that I broke my neck while doing backflips off a staircase onto a durian fruit

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