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'Increasing level of concern': Trump hospitalized with Covid-19

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta gives his reaction to the antibody treatment that the White House says President Donald Trump is receiving for Covid-19.

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    This is all a script. About as real as pro wrestling.

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    at least it wasn't 2 million presidents

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    Bender B. Rodríguez

    All of these it's fake news Trump is taking hidroxicloroquina …so…it's impossible to get sick ……he said …jajaja jajaja jajaja

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    Well, I hope he hangs on. We have an election in 31 days we could very well have a sitting POSTUS in a coma on a ventilator or worse before then, given his age and BMI alone.

    Personally, what little empathy I could muster is gone for him. I’m more concerned about what his potential demise could mean for the country.

    But there won’t be any tears shed for him on a personal level. It is what it is.

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    It’s already been said, if President Trump gets put into medical based coma, pence will be temporarily taking over..

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    This year might just end up in a good note

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    Omg. Leave it to the MSM.

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    He just doesn't want to debate anymore he knows he'll lose that way

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    Juan just had to throw a political tactic for his liberal viewers. He said “Trump doesn’t have to worry about being turned away for a pre-existing condition, he’ll have the best care no worrying about that “ LIES LIES LIES about Trump pushing for pre – existing patients not getting service. But you see he & his Liberal base don’t think much of even their own party’s intelligence. Shameful. He belongs back at NPR.

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    Surely goodness and mercy will follow me, all the days of my life.

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    2020 just keeps giving.

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    Hey, here's his chance to test some of his solutuons….they can shoot him up with disinfectant and see how that works for him!

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    Again with the "sources". Nothing like spreading panic. Morons.

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    Now let’s see how effective injecting disinfectives is and will be.-..

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    If Trump is indeed hospitalized and gets experimental treatment, assuming that it's not a political stunt, this would indicate that his condition is real bad. Who knows, maybe Covid does what the Republican-controlled senate should have done a long time ago: remove him from office.

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    Hopefully it spread to Biden haha.

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    Boris J. got it and recover… He's tougher than that.

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    In the single least shocking development in human history, antimask leader catches disease that could've easily been prevented by wearing masks at rallies

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    In the past eight months, Trump has repeatedly shown arrogance toward the dangers of COVID-19. Due to his inability to prevent the epidemic, his ineffective administration has resulted in 7 million people in this country to become sick and 200,000 deaths. How many broken families have been caused indirectly by him? Now Trump's infection is really the God’s will and a retribution of Trump’s sins for so many years.

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