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In Wake of George Floyd’s Death, Black Professionals Talk Race, Work

The killing of George Floyd on May 25 sparked protests over police brutality and systemic racism. WSJ’s Darren Everson spoke with black professionals to discuss their experiences and what changes they’d like to see. Photo illustration: Adele Morgan

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    Cesar alberto Banegas medina


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    Propganda machine

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    Are assassination of police rising or are black men being shot by police?

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    Terrence P. Urbanis

    BLM concept is racist; white lives matter; brown lives matter; yellow lives matter; red lives matter; all lives matter not just rioters, looters, maimers, killers, and arsonists.

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    Владимир Киселёв

    In Surgut, Russia, a policeman, while detaining a woman for violating "self-isolation", kneeled on her neck.

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    Black lives Matter!

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    The double conciousness is insane.

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    George Floyd was two drugs in his system and had pre-existing conditions. And, while not pretty, the knee on the neck was a taught police move. Sure, he may not have been resisting arrest but neither were black offendees that turned around and shot the officer. That happens a lot. Police are under constant stress from black people to the degree that any encounter becomes a fight. The police aren't robots. They're reacting the way any human being would to that kind of constant stress.

    I'd prefer it we do something the UK police do. If someone is having a hard time, so long as we got their picture, license plate, or their name, we tell them to get it together and come in on their own the next day. If they don't, then their bank account's frozen, the license pulled, and so forth.

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    BLM don't matter when they shoot or stab each other. Discuss

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    How do we know the motive of chauvin was racial?? We don't, they were long time co workers, they knew each other well.
    Also why did the "EMT's" have police uniforms, vests, and guns?? Paramedics don't have guns, they didn't do CPR, check vitals, chest compression, ask how long he was out, they didn't do a single standard medical check of any kind! The whole thing is fishier than a wuhan wet market

    If the WSJ had any journalistic integrity they would ask these questions, but they dont, they just bow down and lick the boots of the BLM/actblue mob like spineless chumps

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    As an African American with 2 sons in their early teens, all this talk about fear of police and encouragement to protest, I'm disappointed that there are no famous black voices reminding our youth to RESPECT the police and FULLY COOPERATE with RESPECT when pulled over. That alone would cut down on 85% (at least) of all police brutality as even if they're on a power trip, they will nearly always go easier on someone who shows respect. BLM is just a way for people to gain political points, social media cred, and angry people to act out and feel justified doing so. If anyone wanted to REALLY improve things for our next generation, how about we stop promoting fat THOTS who swear and rap about "gettin that paper" and "the D" and all the other rappers who glorify guns, drugs, swearing, and who use the "N" word….? That will do SO MUCH MORE in the long run than running up and down the streets yelling to whoever will listen. Encourage the next generation to invest in themselves, their future, their education. Not "kicks", albums, and nonsense. The solution is simpler that we realize, but nobody wants to give up the right to feel slighted.

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    Its like reading the Pravda in the Soviet Union. Bombarded with propaganda on every corner.

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    We are sick of this psyop.

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    "Racism be so bad for us out here!!! It's wrong!" *Sees white woman defending herself in public, "HAHAHA, look at that Karen! She stupid, I finna embarrass her on Youtube! How dare she stick up fo herself! These white womens is crazy!"

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    White chicks was a cool film and totally not racist.

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    Meanwhile in Chicago..

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    In an undated video clip that has now gone viral on social media, Malcolm X can be heard warning fellow black Americans to be wary of the sinister intentions of the ‘liberals.’ A human rights activist and the spokesperson of the Nation of Islam, he was a prominent figure in the United States’ Civil Rights Movement.
    He said, “There are many whites who are trying to solve the problem. But, you never see them going under the label of liberals.” Malcolm highlighted that the White American who identifies as a liberal is the most ‘dangerous’ and ‘deceitful’ thing in the Western Hemisphere.
    The Human Rights activist further compares a liberal to a fox, which unlike the wolf, deceits its prey. In other words, Malcolm X suggested that the ‘liberals’ who claim to be the ones fighting for the rights of black Americans is in fact exploiting them for their own benefits.

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    Floyd was a convicted criminal, under influence, who opposed arrest. His companions were behaving and none of them were hurt. The policemen were of various descent, so no issue with any kind of rasism.
    This is just being used as a pretext for a power grab and some anti-Trump protests.

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