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In the 'Room Next Door': 'I've no sympathy for people in power'

Comedian and writer Michael Spicer, better known as the political adviser in the ‘Room Next Door’ says he has no sympathy for the people in power.

From Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock to Donald Trump and Joe Biden, no politician has been safe from Michael’s satire – and it’s no less than they deserve, he says.

Watch his interview with Kay Burley here.

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  1. Avatar

    More Sky propaganda

  2. Avatar

    wouldnt it be w-O-nderfull haha hahaha ha

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    They are proposing in the next trump biden schoolboy spat to turn the mike off if they interrupt.so it looks like its going to be 2 men waving their arms about in silence

  4. Avatar
    Government Laughing AT You!

    Comedy can be no laughing matter, as this guy proves.

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    Dude looks so happy and chill

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    Sky news best montage yet

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    blessing zinyama

    Yes Mr Spicer 👍🏾

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    Nothing is Forever
    The lies the corrupt Powers has to Collapse.
    The system has to Collapse
    It is visible but they are pretending to be blind

  9. Avatar

    He's a shill promoting his book.

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    Utter far left bellend who knows nothing except how to virtue signal

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    It’s funny how those who hate trump the most live in posh white suburbs.

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    It called 'Big Game Hunting'

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    Surprised comment section is not Turned off Lol

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    how is this woman a presenter on a national channel? she's horrendous.

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