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In full: COVID-19 cases set to soar across the UK

Sir Patrick Vallance and Prof Chris Whitty, the two men in charge of the government’s coronavirus response, warned that the infection rate would soar over coming weeks, putting increased pressure on the NHS.

They were updating the public on how the pandemic is likely to evolve in the UK over the next few months.

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  1. Avatar

    Lies and propaganda. Check event 201, agenda21/30. Kalergi plan.

  2. Avatar
    Mumford and Dragons

    Why does everyone think it's BS? I'm out of the loop

  3. Avatar

    Oh man,, Utter bullshit.. Let m explain a few things to these 2 stooges..
    First, this bullshit was never about protecting the Elderly or Vulnerable, they trapped them, caused their early deaths,, 20,000 +in care homes… Nearly half the TOTAL deaths,,,, They never ever had any intention of saving or protecting these people.. Second,, The Nightingale hospital was built in 9 days flat by the Army, only 90 beds were used.. 2 months after a grand opening, it was mothballed,,, Utter bullshit.. Third,, Face mask wearing came into effect on the 24th/25th July, it was a Monday,,, the WHO in mid April said "" there was no evidence to say masks prevented the spread""NONE… Forth,, This bullshit" curfew "" 10pm,,This virus must be laughing its DNA off,, they think that putting a time restriction in place this virus will go to bed as well….. Omg… Utter bullshit.. We, as people have got these bloody clowns making decisions that are utter bullshit..
    Don't not believe a single word people that comes out of their mouths,, EVER… Scaremonger, scandalous, bullshit.

  4. Avatar

    Just figuring out when society will wake up and know this is all a scam

  5. Avatar

    COVID19 cases depend on
    1: How dense the population is
    2: How dense the population is

  6. Avatar

    Government lies. All part of Chapter 21 of the UN, world Government and what a good way to brainwash people. There should be no one left in the world according to there figures who have not had contact of indeed had Covid. Now be a good slave and do what your told. Look Pinky and Perky. The y are all unknowns, aerosols is it now in them. Talk about the rising cases which IS NOT happening in the UK. Spain and France is there problem, as there figures also say admissions are DOWN. COVID does NOT KILL anyone. It will lead to an increase in deaths well hope it parliament and the Lords pdq. How about shown us the percentage of people who have had Covid and died with it and only it. No sorry cant do that proves there lie.

  7. Avatar

    If they impose another lockdown are they going to pay my rent and bills?!! The economy is already on it's knees and unemployment will skyrocket not just cases!! Most people will not die from Covid but most people will suffer in other ways if they impose another lockdown.

  8. Avatar

    I’m awaiting all the COVID denier dickheads to comment on this- BuT WhErEs ThE eViDeNcE?!

  9. Avatar

    Blocking try to trade international! Bloomberg then al jezeriha

  10. Avatar

    Masks don't work then. It's confirmed.

  11. Avatar

    Currency may be discontinued in Russia….

  12. Avatar

    This comments section is embarrassing.

  13. Avatar

    It's bad news, however, I'm glad it's honest news. I would hate to live in a country like the US where bullshit appears to be the norm

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    The amount of fake news and conspiracy theory comments on this video is actually rather scary.

  16. Avatar

    "it's not a prediction" but it is? lol

  17. Avatar

    Is that why Boris making iselation illigal so more people can get the virus😡😡😡

  18. Avatar

    Why has China somehow got rid of it? Barely any cases. This an attack from China?

  19. Avatar

    Ignore the government and the lying media. Dont let them ruin your life. Disobey!

  20. Avatar

    lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies and more lies on top of more and more lies. # lievid lyingteen # lierona lierus. c.ertificate o.f v.accination i.d. 1=a 9=i

  21. Avatar

    " Be clear about it … a bunch of chicken liver pigs (hiding behind masks – don't forget), got together to arrest a defenceless old lady walking her dog … am i wrong … NO ! " :-

  22. Avatar

    I've stopped watching the telly for fear of broadcast infection it's making people sick.

  23. Avatar

    Those terrifying 'cases'…..

  24. Avatar

    Since this started I don't know a single person who has had this virus. Two people on FB said that a work colleague had been infected and an elderly woman died from it. The numbers we see don't support this bullshit on the news then the president of Belarus says the IMF tried to pay him $940m to impose lockdowns and enforce wearing a mask.

    I'm starting to think this is all bullshit with an economic agenda of mass inflation to stave off economic collapse.

  25. Avatar

    Taking my clothes off for cash, or keeping them on for double cash$$

  26. Avatar

    Covid 19 does not exist.

  27. Avatar

    "Eat Out to Help Out! Get back to the office! Buy some sandwiches!"
    Infection Rate increases
    surprised Pikachu face

  28. Avatar

    Agents of doom, gloom and misery.

  29. Avatar

    “How much is the fine ? “
    “….I’ve got 39p and half a curly whirly “

  30. Avatar

    It's going up.. no it's going down 🤦‍♂️

  31. Avatar

    GlaxoSmithKline instructs us for preparation for vaccines – Government is being infiltrated by Sales and Marketing people now

  32. Avatar

    I’ve come to the conclusion the government has no idea what they are doing. Just fabricating bullsh*. I don’t know anyone who has had corona virus, I’ve worked all the way through the scamdemic not had any symptoms. It’s all bullsh*

  33. Avatar

    Bet they don’t stop flights into our country from around the world?

  34. Avatar

    Full of their own p!$$ and pomp!

  35. Avatar

    Who else thinks that every flu case this winter will be diagnosed as covid19?

  36. Avatar

    I hope everyone over at sky and the BBC die from it.

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