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Immigration Nation | Official Trailer | Netflix

This documentary series offers a unique and nuanced view of the ongoing struggles in America’s broken immigration system.


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Immigration Nation | Official Trailer | Netflix

With unprecedented access to ICE operations, as well as moving portraits of immigrants, this docuseries takes a deep look at U.S. immigration today.

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  1. Avatar
    Monsieur Godzylla

    c'est comme si l'europe avais pas fait des regles pour le libre echange et se retrouvais a s'echanger des populations pour les forcer a avoir un status d'immigrés a l'etranger et ainsi faire un droit que pour ceux qui sont endetté par leur diplome et ainsi piloter le pays en divisant pour reigner.

  2. Avatar
    Monsieur Godzylla

    si les immigrés font l'hlm et qu'il se casse la gueule parceque c'est mal fait et bien c'est impossible avec une sorte de censure et l'etat doit s'endetter sans impots pour booster leur pays avec de la nitro?

  3. Avatar
    sahdeo kumar Ravi

    Finally someone put a light on this!! Too long it has been ignored!! Everyone know but nobody wants to talk about this!!

  4. Avatar

    Great movie, lucky thing this isn't based on real life.

  5. Avatar
    nathan alvarado

    Nobody's really going to talk about that only illegal immigrants are being detained

  6. Avatar

    So now we are promoting illegal immigrants

  7. Avatar

    It is fascinating to learn how immigrants became the natives and the natives were turned into immigrants. I.C.E. is "I.C.E.I.S" (pronounced ISIS).

  8. Avatar

    More interesting would be if there is a statement of Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella( CEO of Google and Microsoft presently—Indian) in this

  9. Avatar

    Why do you need tactical gear, guns and whole god damn military to get them!!!!!

  10. Avatar

    obama advertised a welfare free ride to the entire world if they promised to vote democrat, so the entire world has tried to come to USA for the EBT, section 8, and medicare. sounds like a "better life" than just about any shithole country has to offer.

  11. Avatar

    Growing up without parents is probably the hardest, cruelest thing which can be happened to someone.
    In my logic if you are mean to deport illegal immigrants then just deport the entire family. Don't separate the kids from parents.

  12. Avatar

    People say the U.S should take in illegal immigrants but no one would volunteer to let them settle in their own town, not hundreds and thousands of them.

  13. Avatar

    Please make awareness..
    Thousands of families came to your country to make a living and that's all they really want … if you can help help them

  14. Avatar

    The American Dream is unsustainable, both for people and the planet

  15. Avatar

    Are they going to show the picture of the fat bitch in the Frozen shirt again?

  16. Avatar
    Michael Meadows

    Support ICE! Immigrate Legally! Trump 2020!

  17. Avatar

    Netflix supports illegal immigrants, I support pirating netflix originals. Simple

  18. Avatar

    No thanks, I don't want to live in a situation like China, India, nor the collection of countries in Africa adding up to over 1 billion people each. A simple life of necessity and humanism isn't good enough. I'll only live in areas where the ability to pursue capital is alive and well. Stop having half a dozen kids. I don't care if it's your dream in life to have a family, if you can't afford it, then don't do it. I'm not living in a tiny home on a rabbit diet while throwing away >50% of my income to various general funds and charities… Period.

  19. Avatar

    Uçan araç yapıp güneş sisteminden uzaklaşsam bu salak gelemez değilmi mükemmel öyleyse.

  20. Avatar
    Morris - PUBG MOBILE

    Without ICE might as well let the Whole Mexico In. As harsh as it is, it is their job so don't blame the agents blame the law

  21. Avatar

    There are no easy answers to fixing our broken immigration system. There will be joy. There will be sadness. There will be atrocities. There will be reasons to hope. Whatever we come up with will never please everyone. We need something fair, humane, consistent, easily understood, enforceable, and transparent. Where do we begin.

  22. Avatar

    I really hope this can open people's eyes to the horrors of ICE. It makes my stomach turn. I don't understand the lack of empathy in this country. It's so disappointing. If you, for some strange reason, cannot feel for a stranger, imagine that they are someone you love. It's not that hard, and it's eye-opening.

  23. Avatar

    DHS is trying to stop this movie from coming out

  24. Avatar

    Big companies can't pay their taxes in their welcoming countries (like France, Ireland, Spain), but a man with children paying his taxes can't stay in the country he chossed ? F*ck them, all those cops with afterward thoughts and remorses. Find a new job.

  25. Avatar

    I have lived in many different countries legally and have no sympathy for people that do it illegally.

  26. Avatar
    Tonkin De Piastre

    only illegal immigrants are effected not legal immigrants, not my problem

  27. Avatar

    Wonder how many of these officials have immigrant gardeners, nannies, handymen etc

  28. Avatar

    Of course the officers are white!

  29. Avatar
    Sebastián Muñoz

    "protect the public" as a dad says goodbye to his daughter

  30. Avatar

    Did the human traffickers help write this…

  31. Avatar

    Big surprise Trump tried to have this documentary blocked from coming out before the elections.

  32. Avatar

    I’m glad my Oma isn’t alive to see the America she fled Nazi germany go has become what she feared.

  33. Avatar

    Takes YEARS & a lot of $, to just have permits, plus there is NO WARRANTY that you will get them, is base in Lottery. Is just a big scam to make $ of the people that applies!

  34. Avatar

    No one forget that over 3,000 children have gone missing under ice custody.

  35. Avatar

    Protect our public first. As an immigrant who came here from Europe I can say the system is fair and the American dream only becomes a nightmare when you break the law. Come to US legally and you will be fine. Hop the fence and get the boot.

  36. Avatar

    Of course they didnt want this released

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