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Images of brutal attack on Los Angeles officers made public

Authorities released clear surveillance video that shows suspect Jose Guzman allegedly fighting with officer Anthony Freeman and beating him in the head with his own gun.

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    ABC promotes terrorism and supports rioting

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    The officer is in one piece, thankfully. The perp. is in custody and alive. The officer deserves praise and a commendation. The perp. deserves conviction and a very long prison sentence.

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    Went full GTA

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    Everyone asking how he got beat with his own gun by a drunk guy? You're right, officer should have shot him long before then. Lol it's not hard to understand how an officer would be reluctant to use force against an unarmed minority in the current political climate. There are drunk people who can take on entire groups of people and it usually takes more than one officer to restrain a drunk person without using an amount of force that some would consider excessive.

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    Officer's fault, covid did it, and this has Russian collusion written all over it.

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    Ribshok Productions

    Sorry Guzman is a HERO FTP yall idiots get what you deserve

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    Nobody From Nowhere

    People won't care about dead cops until "cop" isn't a synonym for "murderer of unarmed persons.""
    Cops are just state-sponsored criminals intent to steal your money and your life.

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    Salemchevy Gaming

    The cop was black even

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    Got to love how big bad criminals turn into crying bitches when the cops get them. Criminals the fakest hard asses on the planet.

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    Wait wait wait wait wait…. this dude assaulted a cop and is alive?
    Mother fucking twilight zone I swear… Oh nvm. Its just systematic racism playing its part.
    Let that had been an individual of color jogging home from a workout….. they would not be alive today. Unreal

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    Very nice….

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    1:40 I quit my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    So funny 🤣 🤑

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    0:39 I stopped my job with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    and still took him alive.

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    most cops are NOT trained to very high proficiency in self defense and other requirements. The cities / counties just will not spent the money. How many hr every week the cops are in the gym, Dojo, class rooms working on deescalation, how to recognize dug problems.

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    Where’s the mainstream media for this ?? Oh that’s right … only Black Lives Matter … no love for Blue lives .. stop falling for the media dirty tricks.

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    The tables are turning.

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    Another example that these people need more training, more often. A shake n bake academy and a couple of recert classes a year doesn't cut it when they have the potential to unleash death and violence or have to face it.

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