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'I'm speaking': Kamala Harris reins in Mike Pence during VP debate

The vice-presidential debate was more courteous than last week’s horror show, during which Donald Trump interrupted Joe Biden 71 times during the first presidential debate, but the events in Salt Lake City still showed two contrasting faces of the US.
‘Mr Vice-President, I’m speaking. I’m speaking,’ Kamala Harris told Mike Pence, as he again tried to interject as she discussed Donald Trump’s tax plans
Kamala Harris and Mike Pence clash over coronavirus response in vice-presidential debate
Harris calls Trump’s Covid response ‘greatest failure’ of any administration – video

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  1. Avatar

    brave woman

    Harris the next potus 2024

  2. Avatar

    She is fierce! I love it. More of that. That's strength! Pence is a sheep, evangelist running after an adulterous crook.

  3. Avatar

    Why does he keep interrupting like Trump?

  4. Avatar

    Were you even speaking?Every time Pence was bombarding her with facts,she was smiling and making faces, indicating that she had nothing to say in her defence.People who smile continuously without a reason are not NORMAL people.
    She only has One point to debate on,that is coronavirus.

  5. Avatar

    after all she said nothing!

  6. Avatar
    Ris'above w. Grace

    She prepared for that😂

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    Ris'above w. Grace

    If I heard lies, it would be so hard not to add in truth.

  8. Avatar

    Pence is a robot

  9. Avatar

    She buried him

  10. Avatar

    Will you Pack the Court??? She answers " "go out and Vote" vote for what? Policies that you are hiding, only crooks hide there Policies … now I know why she is called Phony, with her Phony Smile

  11. Avatar

    Other than being rude she didn't had any positive points on her side 🤣

  12. Avatar

    Badass. Love it

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