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'I'm seeing more enthusiasm than I saw in 2016': RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel | ABC News

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel is interviewed on “This Week.”

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    If you’re supporting him b/se power grab you are a looser if you’re with him. Trade deal?😤😤😤

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    All democrats are lying swine

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    Trump never answers any questions, and they are stuck on 1 question that Biden didn't. She is such a dumb bimbo

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    Hmm Qoan something that 99% of the country has never heard about is an important question ? But George or no one else in the 4th estate has asked Joe Biden specifically if he will denounce antifa

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    Don't let him to ruin our country, prepare your mind for messages from god.
    Only god can get us ,out of this situation.
    Biden/Harris 2020 for our children💙💙for our future💙

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    Tool…Antifa george Antifa…

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    That's why you just go to small rural populated areas that only have 10 thousand all white bigoted population ….ohh that's everyone …look at the support …this woman should never have another job …she has no problem putting kids in harm's way !!! It amazes me how white people are !!

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    Yes you are sick indeed. Just when I need the LOL emoji!

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    Cant Trump pay to lift those bulldog jowels?

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    My kids aren't in school. Do you have ANY idea how much overtime I've had to pay my NANNY!!!- Groana McDonald's

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    Ok conspiracy theory alert but anyone feel like were in an alternate reality , where reality is up to your political belief?

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    Catholics & other Christians – please STRONGLY consider voting FOR Trump. An article to read or skim:

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    She looks like a stuffed pig in makeup 💄

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    Boy oh boy, Left just in the nick of time. Could you imagine openly addmiting your a democratic. OMG, Hunter/Joe/Hillary/Obama… this is there line up.

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    Gay and voting for Trump here. The left does NOT speak for me. The "community" does not represent me. Never Biden. Never Democrat. Never kneel. I am an American before anything else. Trump 2020

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    What are my God talking like a true Republican see instead of loosening the Donald Trump's Town Hall you should have started listening to Joe Biden's honey he got grilled just as bad is Donald Trump dead he didn't get drill just as bad as Savannah did because people wanted to know does he have covid-19 is he going to be responsible for Donald Trump and has Administration going to be responsible for 200000 s c he's avoiding that question as well so we really don't care if he backs the cord or not and the only people that we see that are packing the court right now or the Republicans because when it goes down two numbers it's going to be 6 to 3 and the two reasons why Donald Trump wants to have that Supreme Court Justice in the Supreme Court is because one he wants to finally get rid of Obamacare + 2 if this race go go down to Al Gore and George Bush she wants to have another Ace in the Hole that's the reason why he's pushing a Supreme Court Justice through the Senate he should be worried about trying to people worry about their pre-existing conditions he should be worried about that stead of worried about if Joe Biden and he's going to have a reason to pack the court cuz basically in our eyes the Republicans already have pack the court🤖

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    Sorry, but this woman is just stupid… And I really don't like using such words.
    Yes, Biden has not answered 1 question, so she is putting words in his mouth. But Trump and his puppets have NEVER answered hard questions, just like her. Trump doesn't even answer easy questions, such as: "Did you get a test on the day of the first debate, as was required by the committee?"

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    Joulien Kleinschmidt

    This is like a movie to me. Biden is not the president… he can't do things now… they run on what Biden is gonna do? After all the hypocrisy on their side ?????

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    Joulien Kleinschmidt

    Who is telling the truth?
    Nancy says its them and they say its Nancy? Omw …

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    Woman is right the Dems are corrupt anti-America holding us hostage it’s against our constitutional right George is super corrupt

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    Whitmere his an authoritarian

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    Sasse is a complete liar Trump has a ton of women in his working with him he has upmost respect for women Biden is a sexual predator!

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    Great Job Rhonna!!!! Gorgeous anti-America he’s deep in the Swamp mob

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    Ben Sasse is out of my bullet. Why doesn't he say the true. Look at the the good the President has done and no credit.

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    Gaslighting: deletion, deflection, and dodge. Republican con suggest when you are explaining you are losing – as the notion goes. Therefor attack attack attack. They simply can’t answer for themselves. The con is on.

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    She needs to see more Jenny Craig

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    The schools are open dumbass

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    She saved your fat ass

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    Who wants to vote for a president that owes 400 million to the federal taxes

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