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    I’ve had it for nearly two weeks, the most frightening thing is n the middle of the night when it’s like losing consciousness to be woken right from the edge with a feeling of drowning …has anyone else experienced that ?

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    Damn I feel I need to go wash my hands after watching that…

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    Based on an unproven assumption you can completely stop a highly infectious virus by short term localised isolation. It’s more likely this will only delay its inevitable spread over a much longer period than it would take to achieve herd immunity, and in either event the vulnerable are inevitably going to be exposed. And the idea a vaccine is round the corner seems v.unlikely if you look at the history of SARS & MERS.

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    What’s the update ?? Is he ok ??

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    Thank you for posting, it’s a real eye opener and a clear message for us all to see and hear what you are going through, I hope you get well soon mate 👍

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    You'll get through this – hang in there!

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    How do you know if you are ok though, it could get worse. Can you do an update video, to let us know that you are ok please ?

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    No offence but that doesnt look like a fit & healthy person thats at the Gym 3 times a week. I have my doubts. Sorry 🤷‍♂️

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    This is beyond a joke now stop putting up these videos it's stupid trying to scare the population this reaction is worse than the disease itself

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    Andy please get yourself to a hospital your breathing issues are of grave concern. I hope you make a speedy recovery ❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧

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    Stay strong don't give up never quit on yourself

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    most people who are young are not taking this seriously. A 21 year old died of this virus not to long ago

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    My partner works in a food warehouse where he can't stay the 2 meter distance from Co workers I'm scared of him getting it and then passing it on to me and our kids.
    But of course in this world the way it is can't live without money so he has no choice.
    Hope you get well soon and beat this terrible virus. Wish everyone out there the best stay safe everyone 🙏🙏❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

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    Thoughts are with you mate. I really hope you can pull through.

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    Somehow the government didn't see fit to close schools untill now.

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    Fair play for doing this video, stay strong mate and get well soon!

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    This corona is no joke stay strong 💪🏾 bro hope you defeat the corona

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    Thank you for taking the time to explain the symptoms to us despite your suffering. I hope you recover fully.

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    You should be in hospital x ❤

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    "nice acting" trump says he is opening the economy on april 12.

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    Killing fields of "Englands Green and Pleasant Land" After 1000 fatalities the numbers will be meaningless. 100% SHTF

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    You can do it buddy. I got threw it over the last 2 weeks. It will get better.

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    We are trying to help. Doing our part. Hope you get well!!!

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    Why is he sitting at home wearing his hoodie when he should be in a hospital ? Is this another actor stage managing a video promo ?

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    Rubbish acting – IMDB says 
    -1/10. No Oscar nomination.

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    he needs to be in hospital to be honest poor chap

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    Stay away from 5G towers, and you'll be ok in one day. There is no virus. The 5G radiation is giving this simtoms.

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    The hysteria is ridiculous. What about all the other preventable diseases that cause way more people to die every year. Why the big concern for corona all of a sudden? People are gullable. Globalist agenda is the reason. Socialism wins.

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