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'I'll kiss everyone': Trump claims he has immunity at first rally since Covid diagnosis

Donald Trump has returned to the campaign trial after being hospitalized with Covid-19. He arrived on Air Force One to a packed outdoor rally in Florida without a protective mask but tossed out masks to the crowd. Trump boasted about his recovery, claiming he was now ‘immune’ to the virus. ‘I feel powerful,’ he said. ‘I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women and everybody.’ Trump’s return to his signature campaign rallies kicked off a three-week sprint to election day, as polls showed him losing more ground to Democratic rival Joe Biden

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Trump holds first rally since Covid diagnosis, as Senate opens bitter hearings on court pick – as it happened ►

Trump holds packed rally after Covid diagnosis as he struggles in polls ►

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  1. Avatar

    Just hope he don't fall suddenly

  2. Avatar

    I honestly can’t see any reason why someone would want to vote for him (coming from a non-American). I really can’t 🤷‍♂️

  3. Avatar
    PrideComes BeforetheStorm

    Those meds

  4. Avatar

    If he tried to kiss me, I'd whack him in the chops

  5. Avatar

    How U can tell when trumps lying.
    Cause his fuckn mouth is moving!

  6. Avatar

    Oh but of course he is now immune. Now in great shape. Omg….i can't do this anymore…Now instead of paper towels he's throwing mask to the crowd. He is so much stressing me out.

  7. Avatar

    We miss you TRUMP come back to NYC !! Fire DiBosso

  8. Avatar

    He’s not proved he’s immunity to the virus, he’s proven that he faked it.

  9. Avatar

    He's the best in everything, knows more about something than everyone else and now he beats corona and want to give people the same treatment like him for free and now even claims to became immune for the virus. America…please do not vote for this guy again. He is saying so many things but actually the only thing coming out of his mouth is blablabla and a bunch of lies. There is really nothing presidential about this guy and just is the worst president in worlds history.

  10. Avatar

    Ahahaha this guy is an absolute legend.

  11. Avatar

    you lot have a man in charge, who gives himself a round of aplause… PHAAAAAA! your hopeless America, I feel so so bad for you lot. on the bright side hes decreased murdering other countrys for tax money, something Obama didn't do, but still not stopped it… American navy seals are the definition of terrorists, but its ok because theyre getting the money they want 😀

  12. Avatar
    Ris'above w. Grace

    👋😚🇺🇸 muah 💋

  13. Avatar

    No tongues… Seriously!!!

  14. Avatar

    His demographic for kissing shows his resolve for winning the election

  15. Avatar

    I'll have some of what he's having.

  16. Avatar
    Freedom from racists

    You have to feel sorry for his wife, still she’s getting well paid I suppose.

  17. Avatar

    The kiss of DEATH.

  18. Avatar

    I don't need to watch comedy stand ups anymore :))

  19. Avatar

    Meanwhile a man who had the virus once has been hit with the Covid-19 virus for a second time with more severe symptoms. Just saying.

  20. Avatar

    When you recover from covid u r immune from it. Not rly immune but the chances ull get it again lowers significantly because the body has developed antibodies.

  21. Avatar

    The sweetest irony would be reinfection

  22. Avatar

    Trump a Very Very Deluded Orange Head Case.

  23. Avatar

    Trump holds packed rally after Covid diagnosis as he struggles in polls ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/12/trump-rally-florida-covid-coronavirus

  24. Avatar
    sir tree with a beard

    trump can keep his mouth to him self ( gross kissing from trump )

  25. Avatar

    Wow just wow 😂😂

  26. Avatar

    As much as I hate him I love the whole comedy show

  27. Avatar
    Christiniana Mariah Sain

    Kiss Everyone No Thank You I Don’t Want To Die…

  28. Avatar

    النَّارُ يُعْرَضُونَ عَلَيْهَا غُدُوًّا وَعَشِيًّا ۖ وَيَوْمَ تَقُومُ السَّاعَةُ أَدْخِلُوا آلَ فِرْعَوْنَ أَشَدَّ الْعَذَابِ (46)

  29. Avatar

    the crowd lowering their signs when he said he’ll kiss the guys💀

  30. Avatar

    We need to harvest Trumps blood to provide immunity.

  31. Avatar

    Soon to be inaugurated to a ventilator.

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar
    Samuel Bergström - Personal KSF

    I pass on a kiss from that liar

  34. Avatar

    Trump did something most of America couldn’t do in 3 days😂 and he’s 70

  35. Avatar

    "I'll kiss the guys!"
    And with that, Trump lost Florida.

  36. Avatar
    Violante de Rojas

    Gags violently at the suggestion

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