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If you're going to go out to eat, listen to these tips

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta has some coronavirus safety tips for those who choose to start eating out at restaurants again. #CNN #News

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    All wrong.
    Eat in the washroom in the sink with your food in a sink of soapy water so everything is clean.

    Btw cnn is FAKE NEWS

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    BOMBSHELL: Democrat Amy Klobuchar Could Have Prosecuted Thug Cop Who Knee-Choked George Floyd to Death, Refused

  3. Avatar

    You people bring bad lieing people only in your Chanel why you think all American eating shit they eating good healthy food they understand what you doing this not go longer

  4. Avatar

    It takes CNN to think of this.

  5. Avatar

    It is just a good thing that we have fake news to tell us how to go out to eat. Now that we know that Cris Cuomo took hydroxychloroquine to keep himself safe from Covid 19, there is no credibility left of any advice you can give.

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    How many of y’all sheep wear mask while driving 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  7. Avatar

    Just don't.

    Until the US can learn to stop pretending they're not in the midst of a pandemic more people will get sick and more people will die.

    With love and concern from New Zealand where we locked down fully and now we have everything reopened and no new cases for over a week. You did not need to have so many people die and you can still prevent many more deaths.

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    Sprinkly Twilight

    Several restaurants in Tucson several fast food places no masks worn what so ever. Very few people following distance guidelines. Then you have some places going out of their way to follow guidelines and then some. This just tells me the virus isn't leaving anytime soon.

  9. Avatar

    Here they go with the bs again

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    Sprinkly Twilight

    It really gets to me when you go into a restaurant and nobody is wearing any kind of protective wear why open up if you don't give a shit? Where in the hell are the inspectors? Then I see a day care center open with kids running around no guidelines followed at all.

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    Pandemic worldwide,
    life isn't same as it supposed to be!
    new way life, dieting, and living to be redesigned that time come in today and beyond.
    what do you have in your mind?

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    Sprinkly Twilight

    All Marana school buses were out running from the High School, why if they're closed until Fall?

    Ducey Announces AZ Schools Will Reopen in the Fall

  13. Avatar
    LaVerne Coleman

    I'll just stay home and cook.

  14. Avatar

    Iv been on Twitter for 3 hours watching police precincts being set on fire and riots all over America
    YouTube showing what counts tho😂

  15. Avatar

    You all those things then police will pull over and arrest you because you look suspicious

  16. Avatar

    This puppet is still around?

  17. Avatar
    shammus O’Malley

    No muzzle for me, thanks

  18. Avatar

    Did Chris Cuomo eat here while infected? (Then get into a fist fight with the waitress?)

  19. Avatar

    Seriously, when are they going to move CNN to Comedy Central or The Cartoon Network?

  20. Avatar

    #1 remove mask OR
    #2 request a straw
    #3 mash it good.

  21. Avatar

    Looking forward to tables having blow up sex dolls with mouths wide open and no masks.

  22. Avatar

    Ewwl nooooope

  23. Avatar
    shammus O’Malley

    How are you going to eat the food with a face mask on?

  24. Avatar

    So far it’s only delivery and take out since the start of the outbreak. And a tiny bit of home cooking. Not planning to eat out at any public venue probably for the rest of 2020.

  25. Avatar

    Maybe Coumo could show us how to fake a basement quarentine!

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    Never use an outside product to sanitize any surfaces you may touch. Use their product and only their product. You could end up mixing chemicals and it be deadly.

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    Hermitey Perez Triana

    Do not sit next to the A/C

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