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If Biden avoids blunders, Trump will be defeated: Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton believes U.S. President Donald Trump’s failure to manage COVID-19 and race relations will haunt him in the presidential election.

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  1. Avatar

    I am totally embarrassed by CBC. They're left wing activists disguised as journalists. To even give credibility to this criminal disguised as a man of the cloth is a disgrace. I have not watched CBC television in years, and this is why. I apologize to my US friends to the south.

  2. Avatar

    think its AL DULLton>>>>

  3. Avatar

    How typical of the CBC to interview a far leftie like Sharpton. Joe Biden like Pelosi needs to give it up, they are both demented.

  4. Avatar
    Cody Wilson-thorne

    Biden won't win. Trump 2020

  5. Avatar

    Thumbs up for Trump!

  6. Avatar

    blunders like having his son run an international pay for play operation by selling daddy's name?

  7. Avatar

    Sharpton spent most of his life race pimping and filling his own pockets. It’s fitting he supports Biden as both have done about the same for Black America in their very long and unproductive careers which is more harm than good.

  8. Avatar

    Race hustler Sharpton! Drawn to whites like a magnet. But can never be found in the inner cities. Go pay your taxes and fix our communities if BLM so much!

  9. Avatar

    Sharptin the shark 🦈 racebating hater knows nothing ! King did not like his attire when he was alive

  10. Avatar

    One hate filled REVEREND from HELL ! Not hard to see who the CBC is rooting for !

  11. Avatar

    hahahahahaaa burst out laughing when i saw cbc dragging al sharpton out.

  12. Avatar

    Tony Bobulinski

  13. Avatar

    Al -sharpton is absolutely right. Trump is a narcissist. He will be defeated. Love you mr Sharpton.😄😄😄😄😄🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  14. Avatar

    CBC … the best reporting that money can buy.

  15. Avatar

    The CBC, never missing an opportunity to prove to us why they are falling deeper and deeper into the abyss.

  16. Avatar

    Biden lied about fracking! To everyone's face!

  17. Avatar

    Biden lied about fracking! To everyone's face!

  18. Avatar

    CBC is a shameful excuse for a news broadcaster. Disgusting.

  19. Avatar

    Lmao , Sharpton ??? Seriously , where did they dig this ambulance chaser up from ? He is almost as corrupt as the Biden Crime family !

  20. Avatar

    Al sharpton? yeah what a joke he betrayed his own people

  21. Avatar

    Biden predicts a dark winter, Trump is much more optimistic. Fact checking 3 things Biden said are simply not true. Not sure if he mis spoke or is lying. Trump was composed and Biden cannot defend his corrupt family issues, yikes 😬

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    so trumps gonna win in a landslide victory then.

  24. Avatar
    Jacqueline Campbell

    Sad excuse for a Black male. A regular clown who wants to be important. Who cares what he thinks? Remember Tawily Bradly. Sad misguided soul.

  25. Avatar

    Al Sharpton is a good man and a legend of the civil rights movement.

  26. Avatar

    To bad he did avoid them hey u al no reason should be speaking sharply

  27. Avatar

    Hilary was supposed to beat Trump “easily” what happen?… fool me once.

  28. Avatar

    Trump 20202020202022020

  29. Avatar

    Al Sharpton??? Sorry his prediction do not count.😂😂😂

  30. Avatar

    This man has made an industry or racial conflict. He has continuously perpetuated it for his own benefit. Of course CBC would highlight him.

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    CBC should be defunded

  33. Avatar

    This guy couldn't even speak for the trees…

  34. Avatar

    Ah the race hustler al sharpton

  35. Avatar

    Civil rights activist? More like race hustler.

  36. Avatar
    NexToronto WordPress & Internet Marketing

    CBC getting ratio'd hard. lol

  37. Avatar

    Well….that didn’t happen.😅

  38. Avatar

    Could it be allegedly Al Sharpton and CBC news are garbage scoundrel?

  39. Avatar

    Why do I even watch sh*thole cbc anymore?

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