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If An Asteroid Was Heading For Earth, How Could We Stop it?

NASA and ESA have a unique plan to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid—here’s why.
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Agencies around the world are working to bring samples of asteroids back to Earth, like NASA’s Osiris-Rex and JAXA’s Hayabusa-2, because bringing a piece back is like looking into a time capsule from the universe. BUT asteroids pose a serious threat to Earth. And ESA and NASA have a unique plan to combat that particular problem: they’re going to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid.

But asteroids also post a serious threat to Earth and so ESA and NASA formed a scientific collaboration known as the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment, or AIDA, to combat this potential problem. The collab consists of two missions: NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, and ESA’s Hera Probe.

DART will smash into an asteroid in 2022 helping the AIDA mission study how effective a kinetic impactor would be in asteroid deflection and then four years later the Hera probe will arrive to do some assessments.

Find out more about the ins and outs of this space collaboration in this Countdown to Launch.

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Read more:

“Hera – named after the Greek goddess of marriage – will be humankind’s first probe to rendezvous with a binary asteroid system, a little understood class making up around 15% of all known asteroids.”

Europe Officially Signs on for Asteroid-Smashing Effort

“Europe has confirmed its participation in humanity’s first full-on planetary-defense demo.”

Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment (AIDA) collaboration

“Hera is proposed as ESA’s contribution to a larger international endeavor, the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA) collaboration.”

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    Maybe BLM can protest the astroid.. That statement makes as much sense as BLM

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    Atlantic to Pacific Design build.

    Let r rip, I don't care

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    Usa: just throw a nuke at it

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    2024: NASA test puts asteroid on collision course with earth

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    Instead of sending a second satalite why not just install windscreen wipers on the camera Lol

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    Is a black tattoo on your underarm really a good idea? I mean sure after the initial gasp moment it's not a big deal but… just saying maybe we should have a breathalyzer test before getting a tattoo.

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    We dont stop it we let it clap our cheeks, because earth is a shithole

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    Shoot it with a bigger gun

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    Any way we could deflect earth's magnetic field with a pair of orbiting satellites (one for each pole) that could push magnetic field energy. Strong enough deflect it significantly, or maybe it would be stronger on Jupiter so in a way we cam tug on it as to slow it down as earth clears its path.

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    Seeking top most priorities

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    In 10 light years the deflected asteroid makes dinosaurs extinct on another planet

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    Why are we(as in humans) still using pictures instead of video with all these futuristic technologies?? It just seems tremendously outdated…

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    2020: I’mma write it down

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    An asteroid was not heading for Earth. If you meant for the title to refer to a hypothetical situation, it should have been "If an asteroid WERE heading for Earth…" Who writes these things? Would it kill you to either learn eighth-grade English or have somebody do some copy editing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_subjunctive#Distinguishing_from_past_indicative_after_if

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    Glad we are thinking of this. Like damn. I like life. For as long as I’ll be here. And I hope it’s well for future generations.

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    Nuke it. That's the only way to be sure.

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    I like how half the comment section is filled with jokes but its all fun in games until their too late with the spacecraft and were dead the next day. 😐

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    Odd question coming from a species that cant even create a functional economic system. Maybe focus on the basics before all dat big brain stuff?

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    We don't stop it at all, we just nudge it causing it to miss Earth. Or Maybe we can hope that it'll run into Jupiter's gravitational pull

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    Hmmm wow…

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    Nasa stands for Never A Strait Answer theyll never tell you anything only lies mixed with some truth .

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    The world can't even unify during a global pandemic, it doesn't matter what the solution could be to stop an asteroid. There will be so much disagreement in the world, and, of course, religious fundamentalists.. these fanatics will be in favor of the apocalypse and the 'right' to have Earth destroyed… We will likely destroy ourselves before an asteroid.

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    Jonathan Williams

    It would never happen lol

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    Benjamin Anderson

    Imagine a Starship hitting an astroid!

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    Human threat isn't space, God, alien or animals but other human beings that have power to use nuke

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    Apophis is headed towards earth and we can't stop it!

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    Just send Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck with a couple of nukes.

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    HERA isn't launching a couple of years after DART "because we have learnt a lesson", but rather because ESA's original contribution to AIDA – a mission named "AIM" – wasn't funded by the ESA Ministerial Council. However, the concept was resurrected as HERA and after much lobbying it finally got approval last year.

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    Repel SpaceThreats

    Earth laser plasma shield CAN prevent a devastating global blackout/all nuclear plant’s explosion by asteroid explosion or solar storm hit! 5 times near-miss extinction so far: 1989, 2003, 2012, 2017, 2020 https://GlobalBlackoutPrevention.wordpress.com

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    floating space rock hitting earth been happening

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    Science Responsibly

    Great video! If only it were actually as easy as catching the asteroid with a net haha

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    we say were good at detecting asteroids but i think thats a lie so we dont panic…so im just gonna panic anyway

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    Kristian Koski

    "If you don't see it, it's not there" 😀

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    He talks about monitoring asteroids, but he doesn't mentioned than we're barley monitoring much at all. There have been several ones flying past us in a relative close distance which we only found about a few days before. Some even after they passed

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    Slam spacecraft to asteroid

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    I am sure we could find some way of diverting an asteroid so it wouldn’t strike Earth but it will cause planetary concern until it is successfully dealt with. Planetary defense is a new concept for many to think about, it will be the job of the US Space Force and similar organizations. Thanks for a thought provoking video.

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    Use high yield explosives to accelerate the asteroid so as to alter it's trajectory.

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    Well I can say……..

    She's pretty!

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    If nasa detected a possible collision in the near future with a great destructive potential. Would it be published or kept a secret? Truth and caos or silence and preparation? 🤔

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    well, actually as stupid as the movie armageddon was, it was totally legit, also another way is to super heat it with some kind of high power lazer (like the death star) or to sent another projectile of equal mass and speed to hit it directly but since we cant do it any of this yet we are totally defenseless

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    And no , they wouldn't say anything to us about an asteroid heading straight for us because everybody would go and panic,but yes i do believe there's one coming our way, from what I understand it's going to hit Florida and then it's going to hit the fault line and that's when the earthquakes will start, and our weather will be crazy, my suggestion to everybody you don't know Jesus get to know him,, don't read your Bible start reading this is Revelations

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    Not if, when.

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    Humans: talking about how asteroids hitting earth would be catastrophic
    2020: Wright that down, Wright that down….

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    TruthWillSetYouFree 777


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