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Iceland PM keeps her cool as earthquake disrupts interview – BBC News

Iceland Prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir kept calm under pressure as a 5.5 magnitude earthquake interrupted her live interview with the Washington Post.

The earthquake was centred near Krysuvik, south of the capital Reykjavik. No injuries have been reported.

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    Why worry about being swallowed up by the earth, when COVID-19 is happening around the world and have self isolate through a cold and flu.. Ffs. I think people are more concerned about a virus thst kills less thsn 99.97% of the world population, than any tradegy that can happen anytime of the day.

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    It's wasn't an earthquake. It was Floki screaming for finding the underground Cross.

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    how many more word leaders are gonna be in the middle of an interview when an earthquake hits this year?!

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    There will be earthquakes in diverse places….and plagues and pestilences.

    Look around people! Wake up!

    This is a warning from GOD.


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    Jacinda ardern was kept more calm during the earthquake the her

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    “ Iceland Prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir kept calm under pressure” the BBC is such a fawner. 

    The earthquake lasted 2 seconds, she was terrified for those 2 seconds like most people would, but sexist white knight BBC to the rescue as women are always perfect no matter what.

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    Next month on BBC: Finnish PM and earthquake.

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    Srinivas Aprameya H.s

    What a powerless country , the country leader is like a high school teacher !

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    A little shaken but not stirred

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    She and the PM of New Zealand could get along together. 🇮🇸🤝🇳🇿

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    She ain't cool. Just run out of the house. To hell with the interview

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    Its really not that hard to stay calm when you are so used to that crap!

    I just stare up at the ceiling during earthquake and if the roof hasn't fallen i just got on with my day..!😅😅😅

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    First of all her reaction is priceless🤣

    She: "Well this is Iceland"😂

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    She is an attractive woman.

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    Literally everyone after 2020

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    Lo No she didnt keep her cool ….ffs bbc u cant even get that right

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    Calm Down, Madame Prime Minister! 🇮🇸

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