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‘Ice tsunami’ on Lake Erie after strong winds

High winds have blasted much of northern New York state, cutting power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, closing schools and pushing mounds of ice on to the shores of Lake Erie. The ice was on the water’s surface but was blown off the lake and on to the shore.
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  1. Avatar

    Dude sound like he just came after a blow job lol

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    😱Amazing Force of Mother Nature ❗great vid👍

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    Climate Change is a hoax! Fabricated by the left wing progressive liberals! sarcasm 🤣😂🤣

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    This was taken in Ontario, CANADA!

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    "y'all wanna an ice cold beer"? "No!… not cold enough, but just an ice cold lake at lake erie will do it"!!!

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    Lihatlah perigatan Tuhan? Umat digin sekeras es batu dn lemah mudah megeluh.

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    Never underestimate the immense power of Mother Nature.

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    It must be painfully cold out there!

  9. Avatar

    no computer graphics here …reality

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    Awesome footage, just unbelievable!!!!

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    Global warming will take care of that ice

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    Well, at least the people watching have time to escape. 🙂

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    Misunderstood ice blocks just wanted a hug

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    All that ice on the move? Blame it on global warming.

  15. Avatar

    Went to see the lake ice yesterday. It was truly amazing and at least 10 feet high in some areas.

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    Let’s pay the religion of climate change to save us!!!!!!! Even if they can’t balance a check book. 🙏

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    It looks scary, where did all that ice come from

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    The little milk carton that could.

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