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'IAAF rules necessary to preserve integrity of female athletics,' says Cas on Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya has lost her landmark legal case against athletics’ governing body, which means she will have to take medication to reduce her testosterone if she wants to keep running on the international stage.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport’s secretary general, Matthieu Reeb, announced the decision, saying that, although their panel found that the differences or disorders of sex development (DSD) regulations are discriminatory, a majority found that on the basis of the evidence submitted by the parties, the rules are ‘necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the IAAF’s aim of preserving the integrity of female athletics in the restricted events’.

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  1. Avatar
    Tshwanelo Raborife

    Team Caster ✊🏿

  2. Avatar
    Johnny TightLips

    Punishing an athlete for their natural genetic/athletic advantage? So no 7 footers should play basketball? Usain Bolt shouldn't have been a sprinter because he had a high proportion of fast twitch fibers? Michael Phelps shouldn't have competed in swimming because of his long torso? Mo farah should be penalised for his VO2 Max? Tyson Fury shouldn't box cos his arms are too long? Its not as if she was a man who decided to become a transgender woman so this is nonsensical.

  3. Avatar

    Great news !! Caster was cheating.

  4. Avatar

    Wow common sense prevailing in 2019, i didnt see that coming. "she" is a man, "she" has balls whats hard about this. There are male/female divisions for a reason folks.

  5. Avatar

    Team caster all the way we stand with you when everyone is against you the 800m champ shall raise again🇿🇦🇿🇦✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🇿🇦🇿🇦

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    Guardian Sport

    How the Caster Semenya controversy has unfolded since 2009 – a timeline

  7. Avatar

    The man is finally banned! Great news for the women he robbed. Now he needs to give those medals he stole back.

  8. Avatar
    SkyLark Phillips

    Semenya should have to give up his Olympic medals. Technically, Semenya is not female. He is intersex. Semenya has internal testes, and has no uterus and no ovaries. He should never have been allowed to compete against females in the first place. Look at photos of Semenya. This is a male, or at least more male than female.

  9. Avatar
    Thabang matsepe

    You all are racists… and sore losers… it's disgusting.

  10. Avatar

    Great; now the winner in the women's T&F competition will actually BE a woman unlike years past when all three Medalist were MEN (one being Caster Semenya) and everyone just stood there pretending not to notice, like some weird reenactment of "The Emperor's New Clothes".

  11. Avatar

    This is a very thought-provoking ruling. I wonder how the body would rule if a female athlete with the frame and strength of a shot putter, javelin thrower, discus thrower, or weightlifter, combined with agility and speed of a runner, enters this arena and blows out the competition. Actually, over the years, I have seen this occurrence. Will everyone be tested.
    This ruling appears abusive and antiquated.

  12. Avatar
    Africa Azania Luti

    take medication to reduce her god given talent? How is that fair competition?

  13. Avatar
    Emmanuel Nwafor

    This is BS, CAS should also ban Messi and Ronaldo because it is evident that they are naturally ahead of their peers due to innate abilities. She should not have to suffer because of her natural gifts. She was born that way.

  14. Avatar

    And I could easily see this guy saying "Diplomatic immunity"…and me, in a fantasy saying, " . . . has been revoked".

  15. Avatar
    November Witch

    She/he has much more TESTOSTERONE than the rest of the women .And before people start saying it is racism,it is not.Semenya competeted unfairly against MANY black women also…just think about this for a moment before defending her/him.

  16. Avatar
    Mtsheda Marunyane

    All events must be have min and max testosterone, and that must apply for man also.

  17. Avatar

    Only Gays and Lesbians support caster

  18. Avatar

    You can’t get absolute fairness in any sport or athletic endeavour because some one must have some form of advantage , whether that’s dietary, training , access to facilities to training to hone their skill and bring out the most potential from their body . That’s precisely why we have winners and losers . Someone must have an advantage somewhere ! But if we recognise that as a biological class men have significant biological and physiological advantages over women , we at least need to separate these two basic classes . If we are to have male and female sports categories at all , then basic biological men and women should be the only competitors in male and female sports . Sadly caster falls in between the categories . Therefore it is only right to see how best to enable caster to continue to compete without effectively destroying female sports if we allow any other sexual classification other than male or female to compete in women’s sports /athletics . The other alternative is to let caster compete in men’s athletics but I suspect caster would reject that option.

  19. Avatar

    Tall people have an unfair advantage as well, should we shorten their limbs now? 🤔

  20. Avatar

    So Mr Semenya has finally been exposed. Why this decision took so long is beyond belief. He looks like a male, he talks like a male, HE IS A MALE!!!

  21. Avatar

    Well IAAF gave Dutee Chand chance to compete and behold – she won gold. She has the same DSD.

  22. Avatar

    she shouldn't be ridiculed and humiliated by people who are targeting her for her natural talent. She's a woman, she identifies as a woman. This ruling is disgusting.

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