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'I went to too many funerals' – BBC News

Kathleen and Anne both lived through the Troubles in Northern Ireland, but on very different sides.
Kathleen’s husband was killed by the IRA, which Anne joined at the age of 18.
The two women now work together on peace and reconciliation.

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    Free Scotland from the communist regime of England

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    You will not go to heaven if you don't submit to Allah

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    The comments so far are idiotic from all kinds of perspectives

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    Please play welcome to the black parade or mitis – moments on my funeral.

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    God Bless You and your family πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ» Respect ✊🏻

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    Am from and live in N.Ireland. These are two very brave and courageous ladies. I lived through the troubles and it's thanks to people like this that the vast majority of people here want and enjoy peace. We're all human

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    this started a lot longer than 50 years ago. Funny for BBC to bring this up, when brexit goes through I imagine England will try to maintain its power and the UK will be torn apart again. glad to see y'all are as bad off as the US. you have your own trump now lol, go ahead and bring back British imperialism.

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    Building. Britain's. Caliphate.
    Activism is not journalism.
    Project Fear in overdrive as per the Irish backstop. The Good Friday agreement will be upheld, despite foreign and domestic peddlers of doom and gloom. There shall be no hard boarder.
    B.B.C, all you're doing is burying yourselves deeper, disgracing what claims to be an authoritive and unbiased MSM outlet which was once respected and loved.
    We the people have spoken. Take note of this fact and act accordingly. To attempt otherwise is folly of the highest magnitude. Stop being fascistic, socialist, elitist scaremongers while it may be still possible. Failure to collectively pluck your heads from your collective arse holes and drop the supposed moral and intellectual superiority will result in your fall. It's smug, offensive and condescending.

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    Ireland got independence, all in vain only to let the EU swamp them with Nigerians.

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    Free Northern Ireland leave evil Anglo Saxon from Northern Ireland

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    Enough of England imperialism. We want independence for
    England occupied Northern Ireland
    England occupied the Falkland Islands
    England occupied Scotland
    England occupied Wales

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    IM ON THE TOILET 🚽🚽🚽🧻🧻🧻😊😊😊

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    Ironic how they're pouring their hearts out to a black woman about violent Irish regimes

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    and now they are importing millions of people from the 3rd world making all of this completely and utterly irrelevant.
    Your Husbands died for nothing.
    great Job Ireland

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    I had a great funeral thanks to the BBC covering for me

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