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I think we've reached a crisis: This four-star general is endorsing a candidate for the first time

Retired four-star Gen. Chuck Boyd, who has never endorsed a political candidate, tells CNN’s Erin Burnett why he has decided to back Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

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    Thank you, General , for your lifetime of heroic, and honorable service to our beloved country!! God bless!!

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    Thank you retired generals, but we need active generals to find ths courage to speak out.

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    Tonight … cnn still sucks. Thank you for watching.

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    the con man is in his alternate reality as dictator. he thinks all Americans are stupid.

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    The Philippine Govt closed the giant media (abs-cbn) a media that divides the govt to the people and not paying accurate taxes. The media flames and engulf within a democratic govt like the USA. If the media will push their last card for this 2020 hypocritically and they lost for their candidate for this coming election. One thing for sure media will be weakened and belief for fake news will be tightened. The laughter of 20216 election is now a serious threat to medias existence. Its Made in the USA.

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    Biden + China + Antifa + BLM + terrorism + no law and order = catastrophic consequences for the USA .

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    It’s nice to see people are waring masks.

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    Trump likes people who weren't captured so this general's opinion won't matter!!!

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    In other words when Trump started to tell the truth.

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    Trump is the chosen authoritarian by the desperate and divided Republican party and he won them an unlikely victory. He has been an autocrat and a conman all his life and that is what he represents. You are looking at a President that does not believe in democracy .. if this is not obvious then nothing will ever be!

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    We need to rid ourselves of trump. He has no respect for our military, those have served, those who currently serve and those soldiers who have died so we (including him) can be free. He appreciates no one. He is the sucker, the loser. He's only brought ruin to our country. We need to begin to heal, repair and to make America great again. He has no idea nor has he tried (too busy tweeting) to improve our country in the last four years in office. Vote, vote early and vote him out.

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    Did you ever hear the tape Mc Cane made for the enemy. I don't fault him for that. But what I do fault him for is not taking care of our Veterans, and forcing Obama care down our throats.

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    Because Trump is a fraud, and a neo-Nazi.

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    Thank goodness he is speaking. More voices need to be heard !!!

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    Look what trump did breaking news

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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54512034 A man has been hit with a 2nd dose of COVID & this time it’s hit him worse. This guy is just 25 years old & lives over there in America.

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    Gen. Chuck Boyd will be the next recipient of a unhinged twitter-rant in 3,2,1…

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    Hey you the one at trumps rallys what have you actually benefited from trumps time in office how has he made America great for you. I do not see us as a Great America

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    CNN you people are sick (TDS)

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    He won't when this info gets out!!!

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    Trump the draft dodger still believes that this general is a sucker and a loser. Covid told him he is invincible.

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    I'm convinced most of the anti Trump comments on social media are nothing more than agents of a certain agenda, a very dangerous one at that. If one would simply fact check both presidential candidates they would clearly see why the most hated man on earth is actually the very thing our country needs. The very thing our world needs. Ask yourself a question……why the hell would one of the richest people on the planet, devote all his time, money, energy, and reputation to a noble cause such as the POTUS? Its quite simple actually…..He loves our country. And these treacherous people who have influenced, infiltrated, and infected our government cannot stand it because they are getting exposed. "If you're voting Biden, its because you have been spoon fed lies and didn't bother to take the time to think for yourself and do some fact checking "
    I hope this helps someone

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    *it's amazing,,, how do you spell tolerated all of the obnoxious,, hateful and racist things, Trump said!!!!! Now,, they wake up!!! Better late,,, then never!!! Four more years of trump,,, would be catastrophic to this country!!!*

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    Trump is confirmed a sick.The speculation has come true.

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    What? Is this what really said before? https://youtu.be/vgDanxpaUeU

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    IT is interesting to see that CNN is dragging out one of our most naive military. Can you believe even the most simple minded actually believe what CNN says? This is very, very sad. You know that every Americans with an IQ of 60 believes this cr.. but not a general. I was a journalist and CNN was the most dishonest and incompetent of all MSM. On the subject of mail in voting, I have not been able to get 50% of of my mail and I moved one year ago. Why would the US mail start delivering now? It is very sad that these people do not think! On another subject, CNN has a hack, sitting around the bar type doctor at 8:42 AM London time today, said that the President may be hoodwinking the public about his health. He is shown working 16 hours a day now practically skipping onto the stage. What is he hoodwinking us about his health, that he is as healthy as ever and looks healthier than before? There is no make up that good. Look at creepy old senile Joe. And for the naive general, I worked at CBS, CNN is a thousand times more dishonest! Observe:

    Wake up and smell the coffee!

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    Trump Pence 2020! God bless Republicans!

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    Thank you for your service Sir. Powerful message for sure.. Donnie tRump is a traitor to our country

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    We know Trump is superior to this loser who was captured in Vietnam like that other loser, McCain. Our Great Leader, Trump, is a genius & admired by the whole world, like the Great Leader of North Korea. He created tens of thousands of jobs at his Trump Businesses; he created the SPACE FORCE to occupy space, to make America great again. He single handedly got the DOW to be 20,000, creating millions of millionaires. If Joe & his Chinese friends (Moscow Mitch's Chinese Communist in laws) hadn't hoaxed us with COVID-19, the DOW could've been 40,000 by now. Trump for another 12 years or until death!

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    Biden is considering Cuomo as AG. Seriously. LMAO

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    To late Bozo

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    fast ford freestyle Biden 2020

    So talk about McCain no problem but talk about me hold up wowwww

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    Click bait. Retired military people do this all the time. Colin Powell has endorsed Biden. They often have speak for those in active service who cannot. The disturbing part is this comment which creates a fake controversy. Let us also note this man spent time as one of the POW in Vietnam which Trump mocks as losers and sucker. I bet he would gladly see Trump more than just voted out.

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    Trumpturds and Qanon love this! Both never served this country….but think they know better!
    This great country will never see the light of day where a fat failed impeached forever reality TV slob and his conspiracy theory follwers will never ever hold a public office again!
    Whether you love Democrats or loathe them…they will conquer and rule the way! Trumpturds will go down as the laughing stock of all humanity and the Cult of the GOP will be banished almost forever!
    Republifukkks will claim they are independent and Trumpturds will perish because of their false ideology! Lift up your false idol…you Trumpturds know the rules! So let it be written so let it be done! Prophecy!

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    It's good that they are slowly waking up from their slumber, better late than never. It would be nice if they spoke out when trump's words affected other people not just theirs.

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    Crackhead's News Network.

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    Trump prefers general's that weren't captured. I suppose better late than never,cheque's in the post. I thank you kindly.

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    How cute, a man from before the equality of women speaks to a woman about crisis. It seems the future is in the hands of long retired people. So, that is what the future looks like. Cool.

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    This guy is a dictator, STOP HIM!

    Ffs you are letting happen right under your nose

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    The Dems must be desperate bringing out another one that's senile, for god's sake stop abusing our old people,

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    Nice try cnn trump 2020

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    Is this the same Charles Boyd?

    Kind of puts his opinions in question.

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    In 3+ years🤔

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