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“I ran for my life”: Nigerian protester escapes soldiers opening fire at Lagos protest

Television producer Henry Kufre said that he ran for his life on Tuesday night during a shooting in Lagos, Nigeria that started five minutes after he arrived at the peaceful protest.

“I started hearing gunshots, multiple gunshots and the big screen that was lighting that area went off. Everyone was in total darkness,” Kufre said.

Witnesses reported soldiers opening fire on civilians in an incident a rights group said may have caused deaths.

The Lagos state governor said 30 people were hurt in the shooting during the demonstration at a toll gate in the Lekki district, a focal point of nearly two weeks of nationwide protests against allegations of systematic police brutality.

Four witnesses have said soldiers fired their weapons and at least two people had been shot. Two of the witnesses said the toll gate’s lights were turned off before the shooting began. One said he saw soldiers remove bodies.

Thousands of Nigerians demonstrated in protests initially focused on a police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

However, many were also driven closer to poverty by the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 60,000, killed 1,125 and triggered springtime lockdowns.

The SARS unit – which rights groups have long accused of extortion, harassment, torture and murder – was disbanded on Oct. 11 but the protests have persisted with calls for law enforcement reforms.

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    Why am I getting phone calls from Nigeria 4 times a day? In one of my voicemail, I can hear the person on the other end typing on a keyboard, no talking.

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    marty meat hood law

    run run da ron NIGERIANS run…

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    marty meat hood law


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    Good job police showing why they are protesting

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    When police or troops open fire on protesters, it fuels a rebellion, because you leave the public no choice but to take up arms. Just look at Syria, that's exactly how that one started.

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    Yawn. Who cares.

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    Global News spends more time talking about Nigeria than reporting on the WE scandal. I guess a few millions in bribes from Trudeau paid out handsomely.

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    How about Bill Gates ask them about him !!

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    Global News Hi new friend here stay connected .. subscribed ur channel with Bell icon.. hope you do the same

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    We are all brothers and sisters. The evil component of the worlds one percent has done everything they can to keep people against people, person against person. We have to stop falling victim to their manipulation, retake our power and control, and unite as one peaceful loving species

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    A government opening fire on it's own people is an enemy occupying force and will be treated as such. The soldiers who pulled the trigger can never again join citizens of that country.

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    Its amazing how Nigeria split between Muslim north and Christian north still exist as a peaceful country. How long this peace will last between ideological rivals?

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    People in government please understand this piece of advice.
    There is a new breed of Nigerians. This breed of Nigerians are the social network generation.
    Their mindset is different to the older generations
    The whole world is open to them, they see how other youths live in other countries and they want to as well.
    They are a restless generation brimming with ideas.
    This generation wants the government to take their "knee off their neck"
    Generations before them have failed.
    They believe that the generation of 'leave those people in government alone' has failed.
    These youths are different from us and those before us.
    These YouTube generation are asking for their birthright.
    They would prevail in JESUS name.
    Long live Nigeria
    Long live Nigerians.
    Please understand this advice.
    Act. Government. Act.
    Please Share.

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    Am sorry for u guys in Nigeria because by the time this will cause war, u will see that people that has money will fly abroad with their families and u guys that don't have will be killed in Nigeria, U guys should go inside and relax urself, is like I will come and take my family out of Nigeria, if guys want to urself you can go on, u people don't know what ur doing, by the time war will come u families will killed, some people with cash fly to abroad, u guys should stay safe.

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    I lost my great friend Tunde bakari to this protest 😭😭😭😭

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    Nigerian military did NOT respect the Nation's flag, what a shame .

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    Nigeria has been struggling for as long as I can remember. I hope they get the support they need to get the leadership they want. This kind of bloodshed- where the state attacks people, is disgusting.

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