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Hyenas Fight Lions For Control | Savage Kingdom

The hyena clan continues to harass the western lion pride, testing the king and his pregnant queen, forcing the pride to leave their territory to raise their cubs.
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Hyenas Fight Lions For Control | Savage Kingdom

National Geographic

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  1. Avatar

    National Geographic have finally restored themselves back to the top of the throne as the world leader in wildlife docs

  2. Avatar

    Very interesting. As always 👍👍👍

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    Oh my gosh😱😱😱😱!!!!
    Is this season three of Savage Kingdom?
    Please someone tell me. Please…

  4. Avatar

    There's a lot funny about this video. I'm not sure where to start. Thanks.

  5. Avatar

    Wow i thought John Facenda was dead but im pretty sure that was him narrating.

  6. Avatar

    Director : how short should be this movie ?

    National Geographic : yes

  7. Avatar

    This is the prequel to lion king where scar hires hyenas to try to kill simba before he is born

  8. Avatar

    lion's king next movie seems awesome

  9. Avatar

    The perspective of this video is terrible. Winners and losers. Casting one tribe as evil and the other as virtuous. Childish

  10. Avatar

    Season 1 of savage kingdom was decent. But the fictional story line is just ridiculous. Acting as if one little skirmish between lions and hyenas results in the lions leaving the “kingdom” for a safer place is laughable. Like lmao lions and hyenas live alongside each other and fight all the time. Also, acting as if these animals have some grand scheme to take over the world is just absurd. It’s cringe worthy.

  11. Avatar

    Season three of Savage Kingdom is here!
    I am Soooo Excited!!!!!😁😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😱🤗😀😀😀😁😄😄😄.
    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!
    I will have to purchase the full season once Savage Kingdom channel posts the episodes.
    I am so happy. Spring break is coming up I can binge watch the episodes. 😁😁😁😁

  12. Avatar

    It was missing : “ never more” for more effects 🙂

  13. Avatar

    A documentary that wants to be taken seriously calls Hyenas vermin. Get your facts straight. Hyenas are a beautiful, graceful creature that belong every bit as much as a lion.

  14. Avatar

    Bro, they coulda just built one by ones…. ;/

  15. Avatar

    Did National Geographic just refer hyenas as “vermin”? Really? This is an educational channel, no need to add on too the many biases the hyenas already get form the public. This narrative sounds very one-sided and whoever reviewed the script didn’t do a good job. David Attenborough would never…

  16. Avatar

    Anyone knows when savage kingdom will be on TV?! I've been waiting for so long so far 🙄

  17. Avatar

    Pfft, and people say hyenas are always afraid of male lions.

  18. Avatar

    Can we please drop the "hyena bad, lion good" story (tired concept tbh) and actually educate people on these beautiful animals and their natural habitat/relationship! Hyenas are natural competitors NOT vermin!!!!

  19. Avatar

    As hienas não tem cariz democrática! No léxico selvagem as hienas torcem pelo insucesso e as suas risadas em momentos de infelicidade …já que parecem incapazes de caçar sozinhas o que quer que seja …preferindo sempre os restos de outros animais …ou roubar qualquer coisa aos outros …tentaram , não vá dar-se o caso de não terem mais oportunidades!! E exaltam com uma algazarra destas…A Leoa estava tão linda!! Por acaso ainda não vi um vídeo onde uma hiena caçasse uma presa??.

  20. Avatar

    For some reason, i think that this is filmed on somebody's land that has lots of captured animals. Then big productions go and film controlled footages as if on a stage and twist them (mind play) making whatever they want to imply.

  21. Avatar

    NO ONE:

    Jk Rowling: The Lion and Hyenas Had 'Incredibly Intense' Asexual Relationship

  22. Avatar

    Then the wamen says: look at me can you do this?

  23. Avatar

    Seems like the hyaenas are trumps people.

  24. Avatar

    Question who gets this close to the animals?

  25. Avatar

    The Music Arrangement is just WOOOOOOOOOOW…..!!!!

  26. Avatar

    Fire the idiot who wrote this script! "Documentaries" like these and fantasy movies like the "Lion "King"' only spread ignorance. Hyenas are far from vermin. They hunt 95% of their food. Secondly, lions are the ones who scavenge more off of other predators (including hyenas) than vice versa. Fact is the hyena has more stamina, is smarter and has a stronger bite force than the lion. It's the lions weight that gives them their advantage. In all other categories lions fail. No wonder they die at a higher rate than hyenas.

    And stop making this a "good vs evil" war. IF you want to talk about evil, look at the lions, they kill for no reason the adults/cubs of predator to reduce the competition. Hyenas fight predators only to steal their food I've yet to see them intentionally kill a competitor.

    For those who say hyenas will run at a site of a male lion, lol, this video proves wrong. Who is brave and cowardly….a lion running from a animal 1/3 it's size or hyenas attacking multiple lions

  27. Avatar

    Yup, disgusting creatures that eat their own kind, inflict terrible agony on their victims, disembowel eating their guts first while alive. Talk about the most cruel of all animals. Even their infants will kill and eat their siblings.

  28. Avatar

    Why They stopped sekekama story?

  29. Avatar

    Hyenas are overpopulated while the Lions are being killed off by humans. Lions are in shortage of numbers

  30. Avatar

    Y'all making a big deal of the word vermin, but that's exactly what hyenas are. They clean up the dead carcasses by eating them. They don't hunt, they scavenge and steal.

  31. Avatar

    Both the BBC and National Geographic need to learn how to be scientifically neutral and stop anthropomorphizing wildlife.

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