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Hyena Steals a Cheetah’s Kill | Savage Kingdom

Dikaledi (cheetah mother) hunts an impala for her family but it is poached by a hyena.
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Hyena Steals a Cheetah’s Kill | Savage Kingdom

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  1. Avatar

    Animals will do whatever it takes when they need food. What are your thoughts on this hyena's steal?

  2. Avatar

    Is it just me who felt so sorry for the baby impala 😭😭😭😭

  3. Avatar

    I like this narrator. He’s got something on David Attenborough

  4. Avatar

    No surprise here..if Hyena at times take on lions for their food…then yknow the cheetah was going to be a cake walk 😸

  5. Avatar

    Steal? That was straight robbery

  6. Avatar

    A cheetah scared of a hyena?? WTH…

  7. Avatar

    you should change the dislike button to "vegans who watched this video" button

  8. Avatar

    This looks to me like it was scripted

  9. Avatar

    Cheetah joined the chat
    Hyena joined the chat
    Chetaah left the chat

  10. Avatar

    I love seeing other animals eat other animals…please more of these videos Nat Geo.

  11. Avatar

    So that's what it is to be eaten alive 😬

  12. Avatar

    Cheetahs don’t risk injuries even against a single hyena: their jaws could easily break a cheetah’s leg and condemn the feline to death. Moreover, in this case, the cheetah has cubs to feed. So it’s better to leave the impala to the hyena than to risk her own and the cub’s life. Cheetahs are built to sprint and kill preys, they are not strong enough to fight, like leopard or lions.

  13. Avatar

    Nibba if someone does that to my pizza rolls i’ll go freak out and become god itself and fold that guy into 2000 times

  14. Avatar

    I am so confused. I watched all of Savage Kingdom’s seasons. And left off where Tsekedi was exiled by his father, Sekekama.
    Now we have new characters in this season. What happened to Satau? Sekekama? Tsekedi? Matsumo? Saba?
    So many questions.

  15. Avatar

    I don't particularly like to watch killings whatever species it might be. Also people hunting animals should be abolished, PERIOD!

  16. Avatar

    Nature is extremely beautiful! Every animal deserves to be treated good by humans. Hyenas are no exception.

  17. Avatar

    Poor mother Cheetah…And poor Impala too. Hyenas are terrible..

  18. Avatar

    2:57 you don't to have show that. You are now trying to hard to make it look savage! Chill down National Geographic.

  19. Avatar

    Narrator has one badass villain voice

  20. Avatar

    Why don’t these animals just become vegan?

  21. Avatar

    Plot twist: antelope was a paid actor

  22. Avatar

    adult caracal can steal it also from cheetah .. cheetah is very weak predatory animal.

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